Effective PR Strategies for Saas Companies

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marketing strategy 08.09.22

In a world where technology has changed how business is conducted, SaaS companies must establish a solid public relations strategy. PR is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy and is even more crucial for Saas companies.

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for SaaS companies to establish an effective public relations strategy. This has been the case for a while now because successful Saas brands have found ways to use PR to their advantage.

SaaS companies are unique in the way they approach marketing. While traditional software companies have to figure out how to sell products to individual customers, SaaS companies must convince companies of varying sizes that they should be using their software.

Public relation is an integral part of this process. Because SaaS businesses rely on word-of-mouth referrals and social media buzz for growth, public relations can help get the word out about their product offerings.

Strategies That Work

SaaS companies are in a constant battle to stay relevant. With so many new products entering the market every day, it is critical to tell a story to build brand awareness to keep customers engaged with products.

The first step is finding out what makes the Saas Company unique and what differentiates the brand from everyone else. Once this has been ascertained, crafting messages that resonate with customers becomes easier.

·         Write a blog post on the company website every week. Looking at what other competitors are doing helps brands determine relevant topics to write about. Publish these articles through online magazines, news websites, and the brand website. Services like Contently or Outbrain match brand articles with appropriate outlets for publication.

·         Join Twitter chats and participate in them regularly. Twitter chats are events where people discuss a particular topic using hashtags.

·         Get involved with industry-related groups and events. Joining industry groups and attending events allows a Saas brand to interact with other industry professionals who may be able to help promote product offerings.

·         Create a Story that resonates with customers once a product’s unique selling proposition has been determined. This USP must be at the core of every message the company releases; everything from emails to social media posts should convey why the product stands out from competing offers.

·         Write a press release, which is a brief statement that announces something new or noteworthy about its operations or activities. These releases should be written in a concise manner so that they can be easily read by both journalists and the general public. They should include information about the company itself as well as any new product or service it has launched.

Press releases can be distributed via email or through online news sites such as PR Newswire and Business Wire.

SaaS companies are often based on the idea that product offerings will be used by people in different industries. This means that each customer is a potential source of new customers, as long as the company can get them talking about product offerings in a positive light. Word-of-mouth marketing and testimonials are essentially the most effective ways to market Saas products. 

If something about a product or company makes it different from the rest of the CPG market, highlight that difference in everything from packaging design and messaging down to press releases and tweets.

It helps to ensure the brand website has a distinctive look and feel that reflects what makes it unique in its category. Also, ensure the conversation isn’t just about how great products are; talk about how great they will make people feel.

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