Facebook Edge Rank & How to Increase your Post Reach

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In order to increase interest in its paid post initiative, Facebook continues to find ways to decrease the reach of organic posts. One of its most successful efforts has been the Facebook Edge Rank system.

What is the Facebook Edge Rank system?

The number of likes on your Facebook page used to determine the amount of reach that you had. This is no longer the case. In order to have any kind of reach, your audience must interact with your posts on a consistent basis. The Facebook Edge Rank system is a sophisticated way for Facebook to downplay the posts that get no interaction from your audience. For the most part, these are hard-sell posts, limiting the amount of business that any company can do using the Facebook platform.

Limiting the amount of reach that a business can create from its sales posts only increases the demand for paid posts. However, there are ways that you can get around this system.

How to Increase your Post Reach?

One of the best ways to increase your post reach is to engage your audience using an innocuous, entertaining post. Once you have people liking and sharing the thread, you can place your hard-sell advertisements in the comments section. This will blast the comment out to the personal feeds of anyone who has liked the status, effectively working around the Facebook Edge Rank system.

Facebook does provide analytics so that you can see exactly which posts are doing well. Use these analytics in order to maximize your ROI with content that is popular. You must remember that Facebook is not necessarily a place to sell products; it is a platform to engage an audience in order to increase trust in a brand. It is much more important to keep your audience engaged so that they can decide to make a purchase rather than trying to hard sell them on the platform.

One of the best ways to increase your post reach is to include photos with every post. Short videos also receive a great deal more attention than simple text posts. Many savvy businesses will attach their Vine or Gifyo accounts to Facebook so that anything they post on those accounts will automatically be posted to Facebook as well.

People love inspirational quotes as well. If you can incorporate this kind of content and make it relevant to your brand, then you will certainly increase your reach on the Facebook platform.

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