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fashion public relations 18.04.16

For the chic and trendy public relations specialist, fashion PR can seem like the calling of a lifetime. However, for those with no special interest in the world of fashion and beauty, doing well in the field will prove difficult.

Fashion-conscious people share different values, priorities, and even different disposable incomes from the rest of the general population. As a result, PR specialists targeting this group must know how to think like them, act like them, and spend like them.

Create a Strong Brand

Most fashion-conscious individuals spend excessively on clothing and beauty products – but not all. Some know when and where to buy key items on sale, as well as being thrifty when putting outfits together. Identify which is the brand’s target and build a brand centered on a distinct image, which resonates with your niche. For instance, Converse resonates with the thriftier shoe-lover, while Gucci caters more for the elite of the fashion world.

Work with Fashion Editors

One way to develop a strong brand is to ensure the brand receives exposure in fashion magazines. This means working with fashion editors. While many other print magazines see a reduction in subscriptions and even go out of business, fashion magazines still do well, in comparison. Don’t miss this opportunity to have brands featured via this medium.

Many fashion magazines and blogs also detail what brands (and budget versions of these brands) celebrities wear when out and about, as seen in shots taken by the paparazzi. This is a great product placement opportunity for any brand. In this instance, the client does not need to offer the $300 pair of shoes, but can thrive off its position as the $30.99 alternative.

Work with Models and Celebs

As with virtually any product, throw the right public figure behind it and the public sees it differently. When it comes to fashion, the result is the same. Many fashion-conscious individuals – and even just teens trying to find their “look” – turn to their favorite celebrities for inspiration. Explaining why Converse is popular among rockers, Ralph Lauren among preps, and Nike with athletes.

Customer Service

Great customer relations remain at the forefront of reputation management in any industry. No matter how amazing a brand, some customer somewhere is likely to have a complaint. Whether the company gets a shout-out for amazing service or pinpointed as a terrible brand depends on how these complaints are handled. Ensure clients handle all complaints as soon as possible, and in a way that puts the fire out quickly before it spreads.

Complementary Brands

People who are fashion-conscious also care about other aspects of their appearance – hair, makeup, and fitness. Smart fashion PR specialists know that partnering with brands from these industries provides amazing opportunities for clients. For instance, a client’s logo on an actor’s sports bra in an ad, while she cleanses her skin before heading to the gym, goes a long way to boost brand familiarity.

Fashion PR represents one of the most difficult areas of specialty PR. Big brands tend to dominate in this area – even budget ones – and it can prove difficult to break through this barrier.

However, by creating a strong brand, doing great with fashion editors, getting model and celeb endorsements, providing great customer service, and working with complementary brands – the possibilities are endless.


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