Generate More Leads

Generate More Leads 06.08.20

The rise in digital popularity created huge opportunities for marketers during the pandemic. However, increased competition makes it imperative that CMOs adapt new strategies to generate more leads while shedding others.

What to Shed

Advertising on social media is losing favor among many marketers. Paid traffic may bring in some potential customers, but the leads are less qualified. Brands spend a lot of time chasing prospects who may have been simply curious.

It may be time to redirect social media ad funds to other areas. Check the brand’s churn rate with the industry average or that of competitors.

Generic and automated messages have fallen out of favor as well. Personalized messages that are relevant are now king.

What to Add

Be different! Brands that are novel, yet pertinent at the same time will stand out in a crowded field. Personalization is the foundation of this by tailoring content to the interests and desires of each consumer. It also fosters loyalty, which can lead to favorable reviews and comments, as well as invaluable referrals. Tailoring goes back to segmenting and knowing each consumer, then offering solutions or products that match the consumer’s interests.

Use more channels like gated resources and “live” chats where the brand’s target audiences frequent. Review the SEO strategy to ensure that content optimization and link building are prominent. And continue using video and other visuals, as they are still extremely popular and much appreciated.

Audience engagement and empowerment are vital. A lot of marketing is a one-way street when it comes to connecting and communication. Brands that encourage interaction arm consumers in a way that makes them feel they’re an important part of a larger story. Quizzes, surveys and assessments also help to generate leads and gather a clearer picture of the target audience for future customization efforts.

“Live” chat bot company Tidio reported that 30% of consumers today expect to connect with someone when they visit a website in search of a product or service. Interest in conversational landing pages, be they with bots or in person, appears to be growing in consumer importance and expectations.

Inform and Educate

As reported in an earlier article, websites that inform or educate visitors show greater return visits and result in converting more leads into sales. Platform company Kyleads published a landing page that offered a free course on customer acquisition and reported a 35% conversion rate. They attributed their success to consumers having a higher perceived value from the course than a book or cheat sheet. They added that offering a promotion at the end of the course also helped.


Positive reviews, testimonials and high star ratings continue to be a major factor in converting leads. Keep implementing and encouraging these.


As before, community is an important value with more consumers. Brands that engage and are seen as an integral part of their communities earn the trust of others. In addition to partnering with others, brands might also consider guest blogs and demonstrations to engage and interest new consumers.

Court Google

Be sure that the company’s SEO staff utilizes E-A-T, Google’s acronym for expertise, authority and trustworthiness and BERT, short for bidirectional encoder representations from transformers. Both can help maximize the brand’s rankings.


As always, measure the brand’s conversion rate with industry averages and be prepared to adjust, where needed.

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