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At one time, businesses could thrive and exist without utilizing social media. While some may still operate without it, those days are long gone. Social media integration is vital for strategic marketing plans and for increasing the bottom line. The more eyes are on the company, the better. As a result, there are a few different ways healthcare companies can include social media into their marketing plans. Healthcare companies aren’t known to have the most engagement on social media platforms. These tips should be used cohesively for maximum results and can change the way people interact with healthcare companies. Social Media integration is a now a prominent component to any Healthcare PR Strategy.

High-Quality “Shareable” Content

Anyone can create high quality content. As a result, it is expected. To run with the big dogs, the least a company can do is provide compelling and relevant content to a target audience. In order to market to the crowds on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram, utilize infographics or interesting photographs to gain attention. Cover a variety of topics in the health field to bring awareness and attach the company name to it all. For example, highlight the leading causes of heart disease in women in a captivating infographic. In addition, give tips on how to prevent heart disease. Run a series of these graphics during February (February is American Heart Month). Incorporate the company name through the sections that talk about solutions. Anything that can place the name in the minds of consumers is best. 


Gaining more followers means there are more eyeballs on the content. In order to encourage others to spread the word about the content, host contests with great giveaways. Make sure the giveaways are in line with the company’s goals. There are plenty of ways to do this. One option is to hold a contest where followers must tag the company in a post on their personal page and state their favorite way to consume their vegetables during the day for optimal health. The winner could receive a gift package with the company t-shirt, gift cards and a free physical. Make sure the gifts are nice enough to make followers want to enter and win!


Partner with popular health-related social media celebrities. Sponsor ads on a popular health blog. Join forces with a well-known fitness guru who may have tons of followers on Instagram. Work out some type of sponsorship agreement for name placement to enhance awareness and marketability. Name placement is really important and getting the right people to endorse the company name can really help with the level of engagement received on social media.

Keep in mind that different platforms require different types of engagement. The same strategies that work for Facebook won’t necessarily work for Instagram. Be willing to adapt to the different platforms to increase engagement and see the best results.

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