How to Use PR to Promote A New Fintech Product

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fintech public relations strategy 05.06.22

PR is a necessary part of most companies, and fintech companies are not an exception. When PR strategies are well-executed, they can help with the growth of the company.

PR is all about sharing the right information with the right people and at the right time. If a fintech company is not able to communicate with their potential clients or customers, then the chances for its success dwindle.

While creating a unique product is important – it is also essential that the possible customers remain aware of the product. So, when a fintech company is putting out a new product, it should consider the following PR tips:

Communication Strategy

The first step is establishing a communication strategy. It is necessary to understand what the specific fintech market needs before launching a product. Communication checkpoints can help with the specifics of the strategy.

It is crucial to know what a company expects from its PR campaign for its new product. A company relatively new to the arena may want to focus on building brand awareness among potential clients. They may also want to establish themselves as an authority in the industry through the release of their new product.

It is also crucial to know what the company’s competitors are doing for their PR. An analysis of competitors can help understand what works and what does not, including the language/tone used in communication, how the competitors manage their various media channels, and how they approach potential clients.

After establishing an initial communication strategy around the promotion of the new fintech product, it is also necessary to check whether the strategy is working as intended and reaching the target customers, or if the strategy needs to be revisited.

Media Relations

The success of the new fintech product will depend on many factors. Potential customers need to be aware of the product, feel that the product solves a problem or pain point, and find the product to be worth the time and money that they are investing.

With PR, the company can help communicate the value of the new product, and how it is different from existing products. For this, PR needs to find the target audience for the product and promote the product on media channels where the potential customers are likely to be.

SEO and Content Marketing

PR can help with the company’s search engine page ranking (SERP) and content strategy by being a source of brand awareness, website authority, and driving organic traffic. PR can help the company get covered in reputed publications.

In the world of content marketing, this means that PR can help generate high-quality links for the company’s website. These high-quality backlinks help the website’s SEO and how high they appear on SERP.

PR can also help the company’s website gain authority by promoting the content available, as long as the company has high-quality content that informs and educates their potential customers. Fintech products, from a B2C perspective, can seem complicated and intimidating. By covering how the product works to what the product can do, the company can generate interest among their target consumers.

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