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influencer marketing 18.05.18

Want a million followers on a social media network? The simplest solution could be to turn to influencer marketing. Brands and influencers all over the world are working together to change customer perception and drive sales, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram.

Ever since digital marketing first began, companies and brands have been turning to influencers to help them get their brand in front of a larger audience. Not only do influencers have the opportunity to connect firms with more targeted customers in their niche, but they also improve their credibility with the Instagram users they engage. Essentially, Instagram marketing is like using the popularity of a pre-established profile to springboard a company’s online efforts.

As a way of boosting any brand’s number of followers, Instagram marketing has plenty of value to offer. In fact, it’s a technique that grows more popular by the day – particularly as customers grow more cynical of traditional marketing campaigns. For any organization that’s been thinking of adding Instagram influencers to a marketing platform, here are just some of the benefits to expect.

Traditional Ads Aren’t Effective Anymore

One of the biggest reasons why companies are turning to Instagram influencer marketing today, is that traditional marketing methods simply don’t work as well as they used to. A few years ago, when companies wanted to generate more leads for their website, they’d simply start publishing banner advertisements on other relevant websites or paying for pop-ups. Of course, the consumer world quickly grew tired of these disruptive marketing methods, which is when “inbound marketing” began to grow in popularity.

Today, old-fashioned advertisements stick out like a sore thumb. Countless companies have begun to turn to blog posts and high quality social media campaigns instead, to help them demonstrate the value of their brand or product. Working with influencers on Instagram stories is another form of inbound marketing that companies can use to earn customer attention, without being overwhelming or annoying.

One of the best things about influencer marketing is that it’s not susceptible to the ad blocking software that various customers are using today to avoid encountering traditional ads. A brand hashtag still appears regardless of whether someone has software installed or not.

Influencer Marketing is Natural and Native

Companies who want a large following on social media and a good engagement rate can’t rely on old-fashioned methods to accomplish their goals anymore. It’s no secret that native advertising appears to be far more effective at placing products and companies in front of interested customers. However, influencer marketing ads to the efficiency of a native ad by presenting a marketing campaign with the familiarity of a well-known face.

Now that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people – even if they don’t know those individuals personally, it’s no wonder that influencers on an Instagram feed are driving most of the social buying journey for big brands.

By combining an attractive offer with a well-matched influencer, companies can take their message to their wherever they are. Organizations who have used paid social media marketing solutions like Facebook advertising in the past will know how much of an effective platform these channels can be. By making those ads more natural and organic with influencers, any brand can take their social media marketing to the next level.

You Get More Targeted Traffic

While a lot of companies get caught up trying to drive thousands of visitors to their website every day, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much traffic a website gets if that traffic isn’t properly targeted. Don’t forget that the companies with the more refined targeting strategies are often the ones that end up with the highest ROI.

Companies who use influencers to improve the impact of each Instagram post not only improve awareness for their brand, but also ensure that they’re getting their message across to the people most likely to buy their product or invest in their services. Companies can assess the Instagram followings of the influencers they want to engage with before they start their campaign. This ensures that the brand connects with the most effective and relevant influencers for their team.

The ROI is Incredible

Many businesses get caught up thinking that influencer marketing on Instagram is only useful if they want to increase their Instagram following. While it’s true that an influencer can help to generate new fans for a company on their social accounts, that’s only the start of what a brand can accomplish with this form of marketing. According to one study by Nielsen, marketing on your Instagram account with an influencer can generate ROI that’s 11 times greater than anything produced by a traditional campaign.

While there’s nothing to guarantee that influencer marketing will work for every business, there’s a good indication that this form of advertisement is effective for most companies. As long as a brand can find an influencer like Kylie Jenner with a strong following in their niche, they can benefit from the results of influencer marketing.

After all, influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth advertising. That makes it a fantastic and authentic way to build awareness for a brand, without relying on obvious ad campaigns. In a world where customers are struggling to trust the companies they do business with, influencer marketing can make a brand seem more credible and authentic.

Influencer Marketing is SEO Friendly

An Instagram influencer marketing campaign isn’t just a great way to boost the efficiency and performance of a social media strategy – it’s also a great way for today’s companies to supplement the rest of their digital marketing efforts. Because influencer marketing involves getting people to link back to a business through their Instagram stories and on different Instagram feeds, it builds up a broader network of backlinks.

Google assesses those backlinks, along with a range of other factors when deciding which companies or pages it should list at the top of the search engine results. A good influencer strategy could ensure that businesses get more organic traffic to their website through SEO too.

Brands Everywhere are Increasing Their Spend on Influencer Marketing

As the marketplace grows more competitive, and companies struggle to earn the attention of their customers, influencer marketing continues to emerge as a popular form of promotion. Every year, it seems that more brands continue to invest money into building their social and digital presence with the help of influencers – whether it’s celebrity shout-outs, or micro influencers.

For organizations who want to raise profits, but don’t have enough of a market presence to make a serious impact yet, influencer marketing could be the way forward.

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