Using Keyword Research to Boost your PR Campaign

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Keyword Research Marketing Campaign 02.01.17

Digital marketing simply wouldn’t be the same with keyword research and PR. Search engine optimization (SEO) can greatly benefit PR efforts, and vice versa. Here’s how.

Write Headlines That Attract Your Audience

Headlines can’t be written quickly and without thought. They need to be a certain length (words and characters) and they also need to include valuable keywords, all the while staying true to what readers will find once they click. For example, if you use keywords that are only loosely based on the content, this can be considered a bait-and-switch tactic, which will quickly put you in a bad light. PR campaigns require all types of headlines – anything that’s going to be online needs to include keywords so that it’s easy to find in searches.

Maximize Website Copy and Blog Posts

If your next PR campaign is going to have some type of website or blog post support, such as with a landing page or a themed blog post, you’ll want to include a variety of keywords in the copy. This will make the content searchable – when someone goes online to find information related to what you’re promoting, your web pages are more likely to show up if they include the right keywords and phrases.

Optimize News Releases

It can be difficult to encourage news outlets to share press releases – they get so many every day that yours can get lost in the mass. When your press releases are optimized, though, they’ll appear higher in search rankings – news outlets want to share content that’s going to get re-shared over and over. By setting your content up in a way that’s shareable (or even viral), media will take notice.

Regularly Research New Keywords

As time goes on, seasons change and trends emerge, your keyword research will need to be refreshed. If you’re running your PR campaign for an extended period of time, you may even need to update its keywords while it’s still running. For example, if your blog content is related to a current trend that just popped up, you may want to go in, update the blog posts and re-post them with the new keywords.

Digital media is constantly changing and evolving. This requires marketing efforts to work together more and more. Channels, like SEO and PR, don’t perform well on their own – they need to lean on one another to be truly successful.

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