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How PR Can Help You REALLY Launch Your 06.04.20

If you are planning to launch a new product or business, you need an effective  public relations strategy to tell the world about your endeavor. You have more choices nowadays than ever before when it comes to choosing powerful PR tactics. You can use both traditional offline PR methods as well as online marketing. Let’s look at some of the best ways to leverage PR to make sure that your next product or idea is a  success.

Launch Public Relations

Press Releases

There are certain basic PR tactics that should be done as a matter of course, when you are releasing a new product, starting a business or want to tell the public about any new business related development. Press releases are probably the best known PR technique of all. Press releases were done long before the days of the internet, though now they are mostly handled online. It’s important to create thorough, professionally designed press releases that conform to industry format. For example, always include details such as dates, locations and contact information.
You can find templates for creating press releases on the web. There are both free and paid press release service that will distribute your press release to various news agencies. Always create press releases in the form of an authentic news story rather than writing it like an ad. While press releases are an essential foundational PR technique, they should not be relied on completely for publicizing your launch or event. The media is saturated with press releases, so it can be difficult to get yours noticed. Be sure to include rich media and as much context in your releases to gain the most SEO value and impressions to your information.
giveaways and product samples - launch marketing

Giveaways and Product Samples

One of the best ways to get publicity for anything is to give away samples. The way this is handled will depend on whether you are promoting a physical product, a digital product or a service. In all cases, however, you can find some way to give people a free sample of what you’re offering. In the case of a physical product, you can give away physical free samples. This works especially well with items that can be consumed in small amounts, such as food, beverages or health supplements.

When it comes to giveaways, you can distribute coupons or promo codes online. You can also have physical coupons that are sent out in the mail, included in print ads or posted on bulletin boards.In the case of online products or services, you can give away free trials. In the case of a digital book, you can make the first chapter available for free. With any type of membership, whether online or offline, you can give away free trial memberships. Fitness centers commonly use this tactic, letting people use the facility for a week to entice them into signing up.

Partnerships and joint ventures - launch marketing campaignPartnerships and Joint Ventures

It’s often possible for new or smaller businesses to partner with more established companies to gain publicity for a new product. This has to be approached in the right way, as both businesses must have a clear way to benefit. This works best when you have something that complements what the other business sells without being competitive.

For example, if you offer SEO services, you may want to team up with a web design firm. This is a situation where the company that builds websites might include your services as part of a package deal, which benefits both of you. Or if you make some type of diet product or nutritional supplement, you could partner with someone who specializes in exercise or fitness programs.

launch marketing - live events

Live Events

When thinking about PR strategies, you should not overlook the value of doing live, offline events. This is natural for brick and mortar businesses, but it can be used for any type of business. Live events can include many different possibilities, from the conventional to more outrageous guerrilla marketing tactics or Stunts.

  • Trade Shows -Having a booth at a trade show is a good way to network in person and let people know about your new product or business.
  • Charity Events -You can sponsor local charity events such as concerts or sporting events. You can organize the event yourself or be one of the sponsors.
  • Publicity Stunts -These can involve hiring actors to dress up in costume, in public to help show off your product. Other tactics include flash mobs, placing graffiti on walls, or more extreme stunts such as having someone climb a building wall or parachute off a roof. These guerrilla marketing type actions aren’t for everyone, and they carry a certain risk. They can, however, be good for drumming up publicity.

videos for launch public relations


Video marketing can be an effective part of any public relations campaign. Videos can be done in any number of ways, from you appearing in the video yourself, hiring actors or creating slideshow type presentations. More outrageous guerrilla marketing type events should, of course, also be filmed. Videos can be distributed across social media as well as on your own business blog or website. Videos help give your marketing more legs, and help give a further reach when your brand can pitch the video after the initial story has died down.

Bottom line for Launch Marketing

Public relations can help you successfully launch a new product or business. You have to find the approach that’s best for your particular project. When thinking about how to approach PR, it’s best to include as many diverse techniques as possible. Rather than thinking about doing A, B or C – think of doing A, B and C. That’s the best way to maximize the influence of your PR campaign.

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