Marketing Skincare Products on Instagram

Marketing Skincare Products on Instagram 09.28.22

Social media plays a very important role in elevating the popularity of skincare brands. For a skincare product to gain followers on Instagram, constant effort and good content are very important. Poorly constructed accounts will not help a business to enhance its presence on Instagram.

Given below are tips to elevate the Instagram profiles of skincare products.

Create Product Tutorials

Product tutorials help to promote brands and they are a very popular type of video content on Instagram. The video content can have dermatologists giving advice on putting together a skincare routine.

The focus can be on how everybody has different skincare issues and how a regimen can help solve problems.

A brand can also state what it has that makes it stand apart from the crowd. For instance, Go To Skincare uses a lot of how-to-content on Instagram.

Before and After Content

Customers always want to be reassured that they are using the right products.

With that purpose in mind, before-and-after content gives customers a sense of proof. For instance, a video can show how a person who suffers from inflammation from acne has been helped by using a product and the results are visible.

Consumers want real results and this is the correct way to show them.

Consistency in Branding

On Instagram, people want to get an idea of the personality of a brand. That is the reason why the consistency of a brand is important when it comes to visuals. A skincare brand should use a particular color palette that is aligned with it.

For instance, if the target audience of a brand are teenagers, ussing bold and playful colors might help.

Consistency of a brand not only adds to the visual appeal but also makes a positive impression. The logo used should also be aligned with the core values of a brand.

Explaining Labels

Whether it is hypoallergenic or clinically tested, decoding ingredients on products can be very helpful for customers. People are now very conscious  about what ingredients are being used in beauty products.

When customers know what ingredients are being used, it eases their mind and they can be confident about what they are putting on their skin.

Posts can also focus on what irritants should customers avoid. Using terms like ‘organic’ or ‘cruelty-free’ can also help to increase the visibility of a brandon social media platforms.

Respond to Feedback

Customers expect brands to quickly respond to their feedback.  This leads to more loyal customers. It is important to stay updated with comments and direct messages and respond in a timely manner.

This also helps a brand to build a reputation of being responsive and authentic. For instance, Sephora does an exemplary job in responding to comments. They are very prompt and request customers to DM them if they need more information.

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