Marketing with Messaging Apps

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Instant messaging is inextricably entwined with our daily routine. As a communication tool, instant messaging can achieve goals in an effective way. In the current situation of the pandemic, instant messaging enjoys undisputed popularity.

Customer service

Instant messaging apps are ideal for customer service. Users can respond in a few seconds, this allows one-to-one conversation which results in a positive image for a business.

Special offers can be sent and customer queries can be resolved through back-and-forth conversation. Customers will receive updates directly on their mobile devices. WhatsApp is the market leader in many countries as it feels safe and secure.

Geolocation tracking

Geolocation tracking produces more relevant marketing for customers. This works particularly well when mobile users are sent promotions, coupons, and sale offers based on location.

DSW has a centralized app. Using geolocation technology, it sends rewards and product recommendations from sales associates when a user steps inside a store.

Geo tracking will also prove to be helpful for customers when they are sent special promotions when they are adjacent to a display.

Relevant content

Since there are no restrictions on the number of characters in instant messaging apps, this can be utilized to create interesting content. Multimedia features and storytelling techniques can be used to create striking content.

The texts can have specific information for one customer or wider messages for more than one customer. In real estate, first-time homebuyers can be invited to events through texts that will serve to guide them through the entire process.

Non-promotional touch

Texts can have useful information, not just description of a product or service. This will give texts a ‘soft touch’ and make them appear less intrusive. If it’s a beauty brand, it can send potential customers texts about beauty routines. This tactic will help to build a company’s credentials. If a company sells running shoes, it can send tips and tricks through texts on how to make shoes last longer. This would add value without asking for anything in return.

Build trust

A measure of caution has to be used with this strategy.

Fostering trust takes time, in the COVID climate trust is essential. Often subscription models help to retain customers and acquire new ones. If a customer has confidence in a brand, it will lead to trust.

If texts can resolve technical queries instead of the customer calling back multiple times, it will lead to loyal and happy customers.

Alerts and reminders

Helpful alerts and reminders can alleviate stress. If there is a webinar or a product release, customers can be sent reminders leading up to the event. Product and service renewal reminders can also be sent. Busy customers can be sent reminders to lessen missed appointments and fill up openings. They can be notified about opportunities and important dates.


As a type of SMS outreach, polls can boost customer engagement.Sending surveys and collecting votes result in fast feedback. They are also helpful in tracking opinions during live events. Instagram polls are interactive with their emojis and stickers. With its options to make it aesthetically pleasing, it is a wonderful avenue to get feedback quickly.


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