How to Maximize Media Impressions in PR

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market-analyst 08.10.15

Maximizing anything is a long-game effort. PR and media impressions are not an exception. So here are some of the steps to include in your efforts for clients and your firm when getting information into print or on social media platforms.

Know the End Game

Before you can say your work is successful, you need to know the ultimate goal of any campaign. It’s not just about getting a name or product information out there – it’s about making the most of your efforts doing so. You can only do that when you know the specifics. How many impressions, what types of media, what sources best reflect the target audience, and what industry influencers drive the most effective impressions?

Reverse Engineer

Now you know what your goals are, how do you get there? Take the time to figure out the major steps needed to reach those targets. The more experience you have with successful campaigns, the faster you’ll get through these steps, but even the most seasoned professionals should be creating lists, even if only inside your head. Recorded in some way is best, though – easy to share and to mark when accomplishments are completed.

Start Small

Once you know those targets and the necessary steps, start pitching. There is no need to hold back from the first attempts – but start with the easy sells with your best guess of what will work with the target audience. Begin measuring results immediately. This is your time to fine-tune your approach. Consider starting with Facebook ad campaigns to target audiences. These allow several options for approach and cost very little. Take a week or two to find what approach works best with the target audience while you simultaneously get pitches to smaller media sources finding best approaches. This too will become less cumbersome as you gain experience.

Focus Completely on PR

You’ve figured out what approach works for your target audience to catch their attention, now use that information to craft your pitch to larger media outlets, industry leaders, and influencers. They want successful results too, so giving them what is already successful makes it an easier sell. As you build media relationships, and they learn to trust you as a positive source, they’ll recognize the value you bring to the table even before they know what product or service you have to share.

Measure Results

The more success you build for your client, the more access you gain to the biggest influencers. In fact, you may hit that golden moment when they approach you for information. Be ready with the numbers showing the level of success garnered by your client’s offering. Remember you are not just measuring how many eyes see what you put out there, but the real measurement is how it translates to sales for your client.

Create, share the product, measure results. Rinse and repeat.


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