Persona Public Relations: How Personas Are Shaping the Future Of PR

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persona public relations 01.06.18

These days, companies need to know exactly what their customers want if they hope to stand a chance of competing in a cluttered marketplace. Modern consumers want to feel as though every marketing message tailors to them and their interests. In the PR world, this means that every message needs to be perfectly crafted to ensure that brands have the right impact on their intended audience. Personas, whether they’re called buyer personas, user personas or something else entirely, are changing the future of PR forever, by giving agents data-driven insights into the experiences they need to give to client audiences. Developing personas helps agents to determine what kind of audiences they want to attract and how they can help their clients to achieve their goals. Here are just 3 of the ways that personas are shaping the future of PR.

1.     They Provide an Insight into the Minds of Customers

With a strong persona, it’s much easier for companies and PR agencies to get into the minds of their customers and figure out what makes them tick. Buyer personas help professionals to go beyond the standard advertising conversation to find a real reason for a customer to invest in their company. This helps to create the foundation for deeper relationships between clients and the organizations they support.

Since customers who feel connected to specific brands are more likely to advocate for those businesses, it makes sense that PR agents would want to get to know client customers and help them make the most out of their marketing messages.

2.     They’re Built on Data

Assumptions made about customer preferences and personalities are often the things that lead to public relations crises. When companies try to guess what kind of company their clients want them to be – the result is often misunderstandings and discomfort. On the other hand, when a brand focuses on getting in-depth data on a customer’s needs and desires, they can ensure that every message is carefully tailored to ensure success.

Good personas come from a range of data all the way from digital marketing analytics to questionnaires and surveys. This authentic information is incredibly useful when it comes to both building a brand’s reputation and maintaining that identity over time.

3.   Personas are Naturally Flexible

Finally, one of the best things about personas is that they don’t have to be set in stone. Though they’re a great guidance point to work on when companies need help choosing their brand personality or marketing messages, they’re also incredibly flexible too. If the data starts to show a trend that a company missed when they first launched their marketing strategy, a PR agency can suggest a change to the persona that will help to update the advertising efforts.

PR operates in incredibly volatile situations, and the relationships that companies build with their customers are growing more complex. In an environment where circumstances are constantly changing, and experience comes first, a persona could be the thing that helps an agency set a client apart from their competitors.


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