Pitch and Demo Events for Startups [B2B and B2C]

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For any newly established business, also known as a startup, every single opportunity to showcase the business and the products or services it offers is valuable. Whether the audience is customers, potential partners, or even investors, exposure is one of the key things for a business to grow from a startup into a brand.

There are plenty of ways that businesses showcase themselves to an audience, with the most popular one being the elevator pitch.

However, the elevator pitch can be daunting to many, given that the person has very little time to explain the idea, and the company and then get into the product or the service that the business provides.

Even if the spokesperson for the business gets several minutes, it’s still a stressful experience to accomplish successfully, but in the end, if done right, it can be worth it.

There are plenty of events where startups can pitch their businesses to others. When it comes to businesses that are looking to pitch and demo their business to the tech industry, look no further than Silicon Valley.

It’s the place with countless pitch competitions that everyone is interested in, and is one of the places driving the tech world further and further with each passing day.

There are events such as SXSW that don’t need to be introduced to anyone as this event has been defining for many industries. It’s a time when many brilliant minds gather together to share what they’ve done and what they’ve learned.

Then, there’s TechCrunch Disrupt, which is held twice a year in various locations around the world as well as the US, and the winning startup takes the grand prize home and gets a lot of exposure to important investors, both during the event and through the TechCrunch blog and other tech websites.

Google also has a conference where startups, investors, partners as well as thought leaders all come together to teach, learn, connect with each other, and inspire. It’s a great opportunity for startups to build relationships with some of the industry’s greatest minds, and there’s something for every startup.

The B2B Marketing Exchange event has a goal to empower the community by highlighting all the innovations in the B2B space. It’s the perfect place for businesses to face the latest trends in their industries and get inspired.

Adobe Summit is also great for B2B marketers and content marketers, as well as anyone that’s looking to learn a lot more about building a great journey for customers because this event is all about developing excellent customer experience.

Finally, SevenVentures Pitch Day and the Growth Marketing Conference are the places to be for any B2B and B2C growth marketers. With the former competition, businesses win advertisements, marketing, and mentoring from big corporations, while with the latter, one startup can join workshops and network with other people in the industry and promote themselves.


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