4 Ways to Build Positive PR Before a Crisis Strikes

Crisis Communications
online public relations 23.03.14

You never know when a public relations crisis may land on your doorstep. You need to be ready BEFORE that moment comes. But, what should you do first, and how can you prepare for something when you are not sure when it might happen. Ronn Torossian , CEO of 5WPR, the leading public relations company in NYC suggests you borrow some peace of mind from folks down in hurricane country. You know when the season’s coming, but not how many storms you may get. So plan ahead. In this article, we reveal 4 ways you can prepare your brand for the inevitable PR crisis.

How to build Positive PR

Get your name in lights

Fame can cover a multitude of sins. And on the internet, fame is where you fall when you get Googled. Search results will, more often than not, determine your guilt or innocence in the minds of many. So, you need to know that when your name is searched, only good things will fill the front page.

Produce regular positive content

Content matters for more than just search engine ranking. Solid, regular content not only gives the ‘net more reason to appreciate you, it gives users more opportunities to find your unique content. People appreciate being given something for free. Solid, unique, and compelling content can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Branch out beyond your blog

>Yes, it can be great to get your blog on page one of the search results. But, that will never be the only place that pops up when your brand gets searched. You need to be active on other similar blogs and sites, as well as a regular on multiple different social media platforms.

Get your social media ship in shape

Speaking of social media: what you post is even more important than HOW, and WHEN you post. If your name is your brand, or it is strongly connected to your business brand, you do not have the same freedom online as the average 16-year-old. Not only must you NOT put something online you would not want on the PowerPoint in a boardroom, but you MUST add positive and compelling business-related content. Yes, your clients know you have a life, but they will never be able to get that Panama City Beach picture out of their heads. Never.


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