PR Strategy For Your Company After A Product Recall

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recall public relations 09.23.15

A major product recall can become a nightmare for your company. Having your name appear in the media in an unflattering light can take the wind out of many strong brands. The bad press your business receives cannot be avoided after a recall, but you can meet a recall with wise PR moves. A PR firm can guide you through the process of recovering your public image and quickly mitigate a tough situation do to help your company recover.

Accept The Reality Of The Situation

You must not deny the situation as it stands currently. You know that you must recall a major product, and you know that the public will get a hold of information about the recall. Hiding from the problem only makes your business seem out of touch with society, and you must accept that people in the digital age will know exactly why your product was recalled. The power of social media thought leaders can make or break your brand.

Strong Communications Plan

A strong communications plan can be the boat the helps you weather the storm. This is where a brand should not make a move without the help of a  public relations firm at your side. Releasing a statement about the recall is a wise decision, but you must let your PR driven communications strategy help deliver your messaging. The wording used in the statement is crucial to your brands reputation.

Set Up A Special Recall Processing Team

The recall processing team must have its own website, its own phone line and a few dedicated personnel. Customers who need to participate in your recall will get immediate service, and you will not cause a logjam through mishandling the recall. Your customers will appreciate the attention you have paid to the recall, and you will retain many customers who appreciate your attention to the situation.

The communications produced by your processing team should be reviewed by the PR firm, and you will send a consistent message to all your customers. Social media in today’s world will highlight inconsistencies in your message, and you will receive even more bad press as a result of poor communications policies.

Use Social Media

Reaching out to customers on social media will help everyone become a part of the recall. Your public image will be impacted further if you have a segment of customers who did not hear about the recall. A social media campaign through all your social media accounts will be shared widely. You can send all your customers to the recall webpage, and you will get everyone into the recall as quickly as possible.

Recalls can make or break a company and it’s reputation without careful guidance and a strong communications plan. Contact 5WPR today to learn how we can help you navigate during times of crisis.

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