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As the world continues to change and adapt under the strain of COVID-19, industries like public relations need to maintain a constant state of transformation. With the PR world, and the standard Public Relations lifestyle progressing constantly, particularly with the rise in technology and uncertainties in economic trends, PR pros have to be prepared for positive and negative developments that will change how PR works.

With the future of PR looking at creative ways to run engaging events, complete projects, and manage crises, PR pros will have to handle key processes differently. Going forward, PR professionals will have to keep their ears to the ground, watching out for changes that may impact careers in the industry.

That said, looking at where the PR space is headed will provide insight into how a career in PR will look like in 2021.

Technology and PR

Without a doubt, technology will shape PR careers in 2021. Tech will continue to change how professionals conduct their PR campaigns. Being “old school” in the PR space won’t cut it in 2021. PR professionals have to employ technology to create highly engaging and progressive content.

At the same time, audiences are spending more time on digital devices, therefore, for PR experts to make an impact in 2021, they’ll need to acquaint themselves with tech to be ahead of the curve. With PR agencies offering bespoke and tech-supported services, PR experts will need to learn game-changing and tech-related PR processes in 2021.

Some of these processes include conducting virtual tours for event spaces, streaming media, employing artificial intelligence to gather marketing insights, and running digital marketing campaigns supported by AI-backed competitive intelligence.

Virtual and Highly Personalized PR

With COVID-19 changing how businesses conduct their activities, PR pros will have to adapt to increased virtual experiences. To become notable in PR, experts in the PR space will need to polish their skills in creating highly customized virtual events for different groups.

Through online registration forms and social media campaigns, professionals in PR can segment attendees through tailored questions, enabling the creation and deployment of highly interactive virtual events.

Virtual events cross international borders, so communication experts can increase a brand’s reach by targeting audiences from diverse geographic locations.

Thanks to the increased popularity of virtual platforms and events, entrants and experts in PR careers will need to incorporate virtual events in their key services.

Not only will these changes improve an expert’s prospects, but also their ability to deliver unmatched results for brands seeking engagement via virtual events.

Nurturing Fruitful Relationships

Going into 2021, public relations professionals will need to hone their people skills. Whilst PR careers have previously emphasized networking, PR gurus will need to go beyond networking in 2021. Building conversations with industry players that can add value to brands will be key.

Through connections on social media, PR experts should engage with key stakeholders in different industries. Some strategies that experts in the PR space can employ include sharing interesting insights, deploying rich content that incorporates video, sound, and images to drive engagement, and sending new products to their addresses to drive engagement.

While building fruitful relationships is important, PR experts should avoid bombarding prospects or industry experts with emails and invitations. For PR pros to be successful in creating fruitful relationships, allowing engagements to grow naturally is vital.


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