How PR Agents Can Become Strong Storytellers

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public relations story 28.06.18

Press releases and marketing campaigns naturally contain a lot of storytelling characteristics. For instance, a good PR story should have a plot – outlining the company as an introduction, what it achieved as the “middle” and what it plans to do next as the end. The ending of a press announcement, in particular, needs to really appeal to an audience to make the content memorable.

Creating heroes can also be a great way to boost the emotional potential of a brand’s story. By giving an audience something to resonate with – like an underdog brand fighting against injustice, or an innovative company creating a new world, PR agencies can make their marketing campaigns far more appealing.

Tips for Better Storytelling

Telling great stories isn’t always easy, but it’s an important strategy for PR agencies who want to resonate with their chosen audience. The right storytelling strategy can give depth to campaigns that wouldn’t grab anyone’s attention in a cluttered marketplace. Of course, the stories any PR company create need a few features to make them truly incredible, including:


Storytelling is a powerful PR strategy because it builds around emotion. Using personal stories that customers can resonate with makes it easier for brands to create emotive narratives for their clients. After all, people make decisions based on how they feel, so it’s always worth taking emotion into account when building brand strategies.


It’s often easier for customers to understand the context or nature of a story when there are pictures to accompany the narrative. Integrating visuals like infographics, pictures, and videos into the marketing mix can give brands the edge when it comes to engaging with important customers.


The emotional nature of stories makes them easier for people to share on social media and forums. The best way to make sure that a target market shares the stories a PR agency creates is by adding sharing buttons and brand hashtags to the bottom of each article or publication.
Telling the Right Stories

Human beings are naturally built to respond better to emotional stories than clinical press releases and statements. By learning the art of storytelling, agencies in the PR and marketing world can help their clients to have a more memorable impact on their chosen niche. Storytelling can be the key to stronger advertising, better relationship management, and even an increased chance of lead generation.


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