Rules Of Mobile Marketing Which Every Consumer PR Firm Should Follow

Consumer Public Relations must embrace an active response to devices that can instantly blast reactions. A few years ago, if a consumer had an opinion, good or bad, about a product or service, he or she had a very limited platform of expression. Not so today. With instant sharing options on mobile devices, consumer PR is now in the hands of actual consumers, for better or worse.

To best connect with consumers, here are 3 rules of mobile marketing that consumer PR firms should follow:

#1 – Positive comments must be actively encouraged

Remember “push 1 to complete a short survey” or “thanks, would you mind filling out this comment card”? In those days and with those methods, consumer PR companies had to wait to compile the responses and then find a way to promote them. Today, thanks to mobile devices, five-star experiences can be immediately tweeted, shared, commented or texted. Still, in far too many cases, consumers skip this step because the business either forgot to ask or failed to offer an incentive. Be sure to ask and, when you do, combine that request with an instant gratification, such as a coupon or small prize. Happy consumers will be pleased to share.

#2 – Negative reactions must be quickly addressed

It has always been important to address negative feedback or poor customer experiences quickly. But, because mobile devices allow angry or frustrated consumers to immediately tell not only their friends, but friends of friends to infinity, consumer PR must consider ways to get out in front of negative public perception immediately. Amazon offers an interesting example. Try giving one of their sellers a single star and watch what happens. Immediately a message pops up requesting that you contact them first before posting that negative feedback. Most will do so simply because they were asked to. This reduces the number of negative seller ratings. And it is all set up to work automatically.

#3 – PR and Advertising agencies now have unlimited opportunities to connect

Mobile devices allow for instant connection anytime and anywhere. Not so long ago there were limits to when and where a consumer PR firm could connect with a target market. Not anymore. In the ultimate age of consumer choice, users are now easier to connect with than ever. And marketing analytics are making it easier to find exactly the right market for your product or service. Whether it’s a suggestion on social media or a texted special offer, as long as that consumer is carrying a mobile device, you have the open invitation to grab their attention.

The prevalence of the connected consumers offers brands a new opportunity to engage with brands. The brands that are able to connect with their customers using mobile will be the ones that will find success in today’s digital world.