How The Worlds Of PR and SEO Benefit Each Other

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The world of marketing is rapidly changing. With the advent of digital communication and the explosion of social media, it is no surprise that things have gone through such a drastic metamorphosis.

With these changes, two segments are joining forces like never before. The world of SEO and PR are now actively working together on joint projects with shared goals and visions. This is due to the astounding success compounding these two segments has produced. Below are seven ways in which SEO and PR successfully complement each other.


Backlinking is the bread and butter for SEO. By garnering links from authoritative websites, your business is able to achieve unprecedented search rankings. One high-quality backlink has the potential to make a much greater impact than several lower quality backlinks.

Fortunately, these type of authoritative websites is the specialty of PR groups. Work with your PR professionals to take advantage of these high-quality links to drive your search rankings. By designing a mutual campaign, you can be sure to take full advantage of these situations by establishing common goals.

Hot Topics and Keywords

SEO specializes in identifying trending keywords and topics that are of interest. By providing this information to your PR group, they can work to provide stories that effectively utilize those keywords.

By focusing on creating trending content, your search rankings are further increased. This helps to increase your click-through rate substantially as well. All of this is achieved just by sharing a bit of information to allow your PR department to create more effective campaigns.

SEO Analysis of PR Pieces

Your SEO team is able to improve the quality of the PR team’s campaigns by regularly measuring their rankings and performing search engine analysis. This type of peer review enables your PR team to work to develop more effective campaigns that are better at reaching your target audience.

Your SEO team can examine things like keyword efficiency, click-through rates and much more. All of this information is able to be utilized by your PR team to create more effective campaigns in the future.

Social Media Promotion

Public relations professionals realize the importance of social media more than most. By working to create engaging content that is trending, they can further drive search rankings with social media promotion.

As topics begin to trend more and more on social media, these links continue to drive traffic to your site. As a result, this increased traffic further improves search rankings. Your SEO team can then work with the keywords featured in social media to better improve your search result standing.

The Importance of Professional Connections and Relationships

Any public relations professional knows the importance of networking. To better distribute their content, they work to establish relationships with bloggers and other small media outlets. This type of coverage can prove to be just as important as larger media posts.

By taking advantage of these smaller media connections, your SEO team can work to incorporate keywords into your PR team’s content. This increased coverage only furthers your search engine ranking potential.

Sharing Media Information

SEO and PR professionals tend to have a very different view of media companies. The types of information they have varies based on their standpoints. For example, a PR professional will likely know the general tone used by an outlet, how favorably they view certain products and an understanding of certain reporting styles of employees at the news outlet.

However, an SEO professional likely has information like the sites search rankings, their unique visitor count, and other relevant traffic information. While these two views are very different, both are equally important.

By working together and sharing this information with each department, a better campaign is able to be developed. This allows you to ensure your message is reaching your target audience with greater certainty.

Evolved Press Releases

Press releases have changed as with most other advertising. As such, to be effective appropriate multimedia components must be incorporated to maintain viewer attention. Also, social media channels have to be linked to be truly effective. Your PR team provides the content creation and design necessary to gather attention.

Your SEO team is able to provide the other piece of the puzzle. By incorporating trending keywords that go with the engaging content, you can be sure to drive traffic to your site successfully.

The world of marketing is continuing to evolve. As such, the once distinctly separate worlds of PR and SEO are becoming increasingly blurred. To truly maximize the potential of both departments, they have to work together to create content that is both engaging and trending.

While the way each group views figures and content differ, their goals are the same. They want to create increased traffic in the most efficient way possible. By working with each other to share information and insight, you can be sure your PR and SEO teams are working at full potential.

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