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Most of the time, when someone creates a brand new business, they tend to face a bit of a challenge in terms of public relations and coverage. Although business owners are aware that they have to generate buzz through public relations, not everyone has the manpower or even the necessary connections to get media coverage in the first place. With the help of the right PR strategies, even brand new companies can attract interest from customers and venture capitalists. Additionally, with these strategies, there’s no need for businesses to be held back by small or nonexistent budgets or undedicated employee teams.

Identifying Media Outlets

Instead of the company trying to pitch every publication under the sun, which is unproductive and time-consuming, it should start by identifying the relevant media outlets, and only pitch their story to those. After identifying the media outlets, or even the relevant journalists who work for those publications, it’s important to get familiar with their work and their interests, which can be achieved with the help of social media.

Following journalists on social media is easy these days, and it helps companies in creating a personalized pitch that will be relevant for each reporter, even if that pitch isn’t directly sent to a journalist but delivered to their publication instead. As long as the pitch is relevant to the interest of the journalists, it’s more than likely to reach their eyes.

Creating a Pitch

Editors and journalists at media outlets have been receiving pitches from businesses for years, which means it’s easy for them to figure out if a pitch has been copied and pasted a hundred times before, and those tend to end up in the deleted pile. That’s why it’s important to create personalized instead of generic pitches for publications.

When a pitch is thoughtfully created and is original, it’s more likely for the publication to respond to the business. Media coverage is important for the growth of any business, which is why it is just as important to put in the effort to attain it, instead of being lazy.

Content Assets

All companies are looking to get the coveted PR win: media coverage.  However, not every business is able to achieve this . That’s why for companies that are looking to increase their odds of standing out for  journalists, it’s important to send them a creative and newsworthy piece of content, which will be a part of the initial pitch. A great example of this is visual content, such as infographics. With the help of visual content, companies can attract more interest in their story, because visuals are quite attention-grabbing for everyone.

Whether  a business visually represents how it manages  to get funding, or gives a visual representation of the group of people that founded it, these are all effective ways for getting the attention of journalists.


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