Tech PR: $50 Million Dollars to Teach Young Girls to Code

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Computer Science is one of the largest growing industries in the world today. But in an unusual trend, this particular area is dominated by males. That is why the search engine giant, Google, is committing $50 million dollars to promote and educated young girls in the world of coding. Thus creating a fantastic opportunity for Technology Public Relations. Google is working with organizations such as Girl Scouts of America, Chelsea Clinton, Seventeen, Girls Inc., YouTube, and many more to promote this growing creative area to more girls.

Teaching Young Girls to Code

By showing younger girls that coding is simple and fun. They hope to grow interest and increase participation from the female population. This new initiative called, “Made to Code”, is using videos and blockly-based coding projects that encourage young women to learn more about coding. The projects include building beats for a music track or making a design for a 3-D printable bracelet. Anything to get a young girl’s attention.

The short videos that are being produced and shown on YouTube include women already in the field of coding. These women such as Danielle Feinberg, who is the director of photography for lighting at Pixar Animation Studios.

She speaks about the multiple things you can do with coding in the animated filming industry. These jobs do not just include avenues at web-based companies such as Google but also with the music industry or a humanitarian fighting diseases in other countries. The possibilities are endless but first they must educate the younger generation to the potential. Google has taken note of the growing trend of the computer world being predominately male and has pledged to make a change.

What will this mean to the technological world of computer coding? Not only will it diversify the work force of companies such as Yahoo and Google, it will also lead to growth and advancement in other areas.

Women will be able to add their own personality and needs to the computer world. They will be able to make a mark in the growing industry and have a say in the way the world in being shaped. Women need to know that computer science is a viable option for them just as teaching and nursing have always been.

The Made to Code program will encourage young girls to explore the option of a computer science future for them. It will show them that coding can be fun and relevant to their interest. Google is providing this opportunity to change the world of computer sciences for million of young women.

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