The Top Beauty Trends From TikTok We’re Seeing this Summer

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woman getting her makeup done 08.16.23

TikTok has gained immense popularity as a platform for light-hearted entertainment, offering endless short clips that range from hilarious to cute. But, it’s not just a source of amusement. It’s also a treasure trove of information. From informative makeup routines to dupe recommendations for viral products, TikTok provides insights into the latest beauty trends and even sheds light on public controversies and various news stories. Recognizing TikTok’s influence and the platform’s ability to set trends, the platform can be used to gather data on emerging beauty industry trends. 

Coquette beauty

Coquette Beauty takes the lead as the foremost emerging beauty industry trend of 2023. This trend is characterized by a hyper-feminine glamor, featuring pinks, doe eyes, Lana Del Rey-style eyeliner, and rosy cheeks. It embodies a nostalgic, romantic aesthetic that captivates TikTok users.


Skinflooding is a simple hack to achieve deeper skin hydration. Rather than drying the face after cleansing, this technique involves applying products onto damp skin to enhance moisture absorption. Hydrating mists can also be used between skincare steps to lock in additional moisture. Skinflooding offers a refreshing approach to skincare routines.


Skinstreaming is a term used to describe skin minimalism. As economic uncertainties arise, beauty enthusiasts are scaling back their routines and focusing on essential skincare steps. Hashtags like #minimalistskincare and #basicskincareroutine showcase the desire for simplicity and efficiency in skincare regimens.


Dermatologist Whitney Bowe coined the term “skincycling,” which refers to strategically alternating skincare products to allow the active ingredients enough time to work effectively. This method aims to optimize results by using different products at different times, addressing various skin concerns. TikTok users are embracing skincycling as a way to achieve their desired skincare outcomes.


In 2023, there is a shift away from Botox treatments towards non-invasive skin-firming alternatives. From facial toning devices to LED face masks, TikTok users are exploring options that provide similar results without injections. Notox has gained traction as an emerging beauty industry trend on the platform, highlighting the growing interest in non-surgical beauty solutions.

Budget beauty

In an era of rising living costs, TikTok users are seeking affordable beauty alternatives. People are turning to drugstore beauty finds, dupes, and refillable beauty products to save money. Budget beauty has become a valuable aspect of the beauty industry, and TikTok plays a crucial role in promoting cost-effective options.

90’s grunge makeup

Nostalgic ’90s grunge makeup is making a comeback, especially after the popularity of the Netflix show “Wednesday.” Think smudged eyeliner, smokey eyes, and nude lips. This beauty industry trend embraces an edgy and rebellious aesthetic that resonates with TikTok users.

Ugly beauty

Ugly beauty celebrates unconventional and “unpretty” makeup. This beauty industry trend emerged from Gen-Z’s emphasis on dressing for the female gaze rather than conforming to traditional beauty standards. Given that the hashtag #femalegaze has generated over 400 million views, it’s clear that this trend is poised to make an impact on makeup culture.

Micro beauty

The year 2023 welcomes a shift towards shorter hair and nails as this emerging beauty industry trend has started growing. TikTok users are bidding farewell to long, luscious locks and stiletto nails, embracing micro bangs, short manicures, and bobs. This trend highlights the allure of minimalism and simplicity.

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