Three Tips on Rebranding

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Your brand is your identity. It is not just what people see when they shop for your product or service. It is who you are to those people. Your brand encapsulates all the physical, emotional and psychological reasons why they buy. So each of these factors must be considered when preparing a rebranding PR campaign.

Three Tips on Rebranding your Company

Torossian on the physical factor

Changing the way a product is presented can be a big win or a colossal failure. It may seem like it comes down to taste, but what it really comes down to is presentation. How are the physical aspects of the new brand bolstered and defined by the images and messages surrounding it? These surrounding images and messages should complement the new brand while also helping your customer connect with it.

The Emotional Factor

People are rarely fans of change, as a whole. So be careful when you ask them to accept it. There may be some resistance, and you may not be able to anticipate exactly how that will play out. But you can mitigate the potential for push back or unintended offense by carefully crafted consumer PR. Remember, your customers appreciate and support that brand you are changing. They may feel loss or nostalgia or even frustration that something they like is being “messed with.” While you already have your mind made up and understand the necessity, it is important to protect how your customers feel about your brand.

The Psychological Factor

If a person does not understand why something is being done, they are likely to jump to a conclusion. That’s just human nature. This will split your consumer base between people who are optimists and those who are pessimists. Some will take a wait-and-see approach. Others will assume you are being selfish and dismissive. Of course that’s unfair, but in the absence of solid reasons, you are leaving yourself open for unfair assumptions. Avoid that by explaining the whys and wherefores in a way that is accessible to your customers. Your PR must help them understand why this is a good move not only for your brand, but for them as customers as well.

Torossian is adamant that each of these factors requires a delicate and specialized message. Each must strike just the right balance if you are to achieve the desired result.

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