Top HairTok Creators You Should Know as a Haircare Brand

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TikTok, the popular social media app for video-sharing, has long been dominated by beauty and makeup content. However, recently, the hair niche has been gaining momentum with the emergence of #HairTok. This hashtag has taken the beauty space on TikTok by storm, accumulating over 6 billion views and an endless stream of video content. Big brands are capitalizing on this trend and partnering with influential figures within the #HairTok community. In particular, newer brands are turning to TikTok as a platform to establish themselves. Similar to beauty influencers, #HairTok influencers are coming from diverse backgrounds. Some are seasoned hairstylists that are looking to expand their platforms, while others are enthusiasts of hair care eager to share tips or tricks with a wider audience.

Faith Chappelle 

Tutorials for curly hair are a popular facet with #HairTok, and Faith Chappelle (@faithchappelle) is an emerging influencer in this space. She has been steadily growing her Hairtok follower base by sharing videos that demonstrate how she manages to maintain her curls. She showcases her preferred hair products and explores various styling techniques. While she primarily focuses on her curls, one of her most popular videos, with over 2 million views, features her using the bestselling hot air brush from Revlon. Chappelle collaborates with a number of hair care brands. Those include Shea Moisture, Pattern Beauty, Tgin, Coco & Eve, K18, Olaplex, and Matrix.

Clayton Hawkins 

Clayton Hawkins (@itsclaytonhawkins) has established himself as the go-to hairstylist for celebrities. He’s worked with renowned personalities such as Elizabeth Olsen, Dove Cameron, and Olivia Rodrigo. However, he has also made a name for himself on the platform, attracting an increasing following of over 60,000. Hawkins’ TikTok videos blend popular hair tutorials paired with comedic elements, often showcasing his vibrant collection of wigs. Recently, he has been creating Y2K and ’90s-inspired TikTok hair videos. He’s also been featuring tools and styles reminiscent of those eras.

CaLynna Sorrells

CaLynna Sorrells (@curlycalynna) is another up-and-coming influencer in the #HairTok community, with a focus on curly natural hair. Although she has a smaller number of followers of over 20,000 on the platform, a lot of the videos have garnered hundreds and millions of views due to her thorough step-by-step tutorials. Sorrells’ content adds an educational element to the regular types of hair tutorials. She explores specific topics such as smoothing versus brushing when looking to style curls or the distinction between moisturization and hydration.


The hair blogger Nerija (@nerija) has amassed a TikTok following of approximately 140,000 making tutorials centered around specific issues with hair care. She addresses topics such as the use of silicones on hair, tips for avoiding hair breakage, and reducing hair brushing. Nerija’s content blends traditional hair type tutorials with the popular beauty ASMR trend. And she’s often showcasing her long, silky hair.


The certified trichologist Afsennah (@afsennah) has gained over 750,000 followers on TikTok. That’s due to videos that exhibit her healthy, lustrous hair and provide a wealth of tutorials. Specializing in growing hair, she shares recipes for natural remedies. She also has tips for preventing breakage along with tutorials on proper hair-washing techniques. Additionally, Afsennah offers nutritional advice aimed at promoting hair growth.

Elissa Kincade

Elissa Kincade (@elissakincade) has been increasing her following within the #HairTok niche. Her tutorials cover various topics. Those include how people can use hair rollers, hair oil application techniques, and methods for protecting hair overnight. Meanwhile, her consistent hair-related videos, especially those focusing on claw clip hairstyles, have resonated with her almost 150,000 TikTok followers. The videos she’s created on hair loss have garnered significant attention. Kincade documents her personal journey with her hair loss and shares the steps she has taken to promote regrowth. Brands such as Beachwaver Co., Design Me Hair, and Nutrafol have taken notice of her influence and collaborated with her.

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