Child Public Relations: Getting Toy Products in Eye of The Media

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toy public relations pr agency 07.20.16

There are many tried and true ways of getting any product out there and shared by the media, but a lot of it first has to do with consistently providing good information to those who work with your kind of information and products. Beyond that, here are some ideas to get the word out about a toy or child’s product.

Make it entertaining

Remember, your product ultimately is for kids and for them to have fun with it – so first, know your product and who is the target user and the target buyer – since products for young children will usually be bought by adults or teens, so user and buyer may be different. Once you have that information, come up with some fun ways to look at how a product can be used.

If it’s a video game for all ages and focuses on sci-fi and fantasy stories, your target audience will likely be males from pre-teen to adult. So when you pitch it, determine something to attract that audience beyond the usual scantily clad females and some kind of battle gear. If you find something to grab the attention and open the imagination, your game will not only look better to your target market but probably to journalists and publishers as well. So think out of the box and get creative with your pitch.

Look for unique presentation ideas

Get to know the product well, at all levels. Decide on at least five different ways it could be used and presented on the market – including different age or interest groups. The same video game might also appeal to a niche group of young women wanting to express their girl power, make it Wi-Fi accessible and turn it into a game that could be played with new friends from all around the world, or you could even turn it into an interactive event for families to play on a monthly or weekly game and family night. You get the idea.

Connect it to trending events

Does that same video game have a group fighting for the rights of others, or teaches how outward appearances may not reflect a player’s true power – those ideas go hand-in-hand with several current trending ideas such of not tolerating bullies, or accepting people for who they are even when it is different than the usual – think trends in LGBT. If the toy or game can be connected to a hot topic, it will have better chances of gaining the public eye through PR.

There are other ideas too, but that’s a good start. Get your media kits together, pull together press releases focusing on different ideas and approaches, and don’t forget, there’s always a holiday just around the corner to possibly find common ideas making it especially marketable at that time.

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