Twitter Calculator: How Much Are Tweets Worth?

Influencer Marketing

Many people seem to be unaware of the fact that it’s not just Instagram and YouTube where people are able to gain a profit from sharing content. The same thing is also possible on Twitter, as every single account, hashtag, and tweet has an economic market value that anyone is able to calculate.

However, it’s a lot easier to make these calculations for people or accounts that are considered influencers, as they tend to have a higher number of followers, as well as better engagement. As with other social media platforms, the more popular an influencer is, the higher their potential social media-related wages are going to be.

In essence, there are several fundamentals that a Twitter account must meet before they can effectively calculate how much their tweets are worth. After all these bases are covered, there are plenty of different calculators available online where anyone can check how much money they are making from every single tweet.

Influence a Niche

This is similar to other social media platforms, as an influencer first needs to target a niche, and then develop their content accordingly. The influencers on Twitter all know their target audience, which is people who are interested in that particular niche. They also know all of the types of tweets that are going to interest that target audience, and aim to center all their conversations around those topics.

Gain a Following

The next step is to have a large audience – however, this doesn’t mean that an account can easily get away with buying followers from any random website or service that’s offering to increase those numbers.

These followers should be active on Twitter and regularly engage with the influencer account. They should choose to follow this account, as they are familiar with the niche and they see a value in the content that’s shared by the account.

Provide Value

People that start following the influencer account are doing so with good reason – it delivers interesting and engaging content. While interesting one-liners that are restricted by Twitter’s character limit are attractive, valuable influencers know that their audience wants a lot more than witty remarks. Providing videos, photos, and links to relevant articles and blog posts will only increase the value of the engagements – thus increasing the value of the tweets.

Aside from sharing relevant and interesting information, it’s also important to engage with fans and followers actively. If someone replies to a tweet, make a point of replying with something that’s more than just a reaction gif. Treat the community of followers the same as you would a group of friends.

Act Like a Business

Finally, gaining a monetary value from tweets should be seen in the same light as gaining a monetary value from anything else – essentially, a business venture. This means being disciplined, organized and taking things seriously. This also implies taking note of when the target audience is online, and scheduling tweets to go live during those times. When all of these elements are achieved, and the account is on its way to Twitter success, financial success is sure to follow, and the calculators will come very much in handy.

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