Using a PR Campaign to Boost Fintech Marketing Efforts

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fintech marketing public relations 09.25.20

Fintech companies spend months, or even years, creating and developing a product that’s going to be able to solve a very complex financial issue. This solution could benefit thousands or millions of people, as long as it gets in the right hands. While the close friends and family of the people working at the company are spreading the news about the product through word of mouth, it’s not enough to help the business scale.

Many of the people that work in fintech companies also don’t think that they should pursue digital marketing, because they believe there’s very little to market when it comes to a fintech solution, however, having a decent marketing plan in place is what many fintech startups can actually benefit from and grow through.

There are plenty of benefits for fintech companies that decide to pursue a Fintech PR campaign, including explaining the product in simple terms that anyone can understand, making it easy for clients to find the startup and its product, as well as creating an attractive image for consumers.

Visual Marketing

Providing short videos that explain the product or infographics of how people can benefit from using a certain fintech solution is an easy way to both grab more attention with people as well as demonstrate how the product works to new users. Most people prefer watching a short video that explains the details rather than read pages upon pages of instruction manuals to start using a product.


A great way for fintech companies to get more clients is to create a long list of keywords that are based on what the users might be looking for online so that they can find the company and its solution. The company should ask itself the kind of questions that the potential clients are asking themselves when looking for the company, and think about the clients’ search intents before creating a list of keywords.

Customer Retention

The revenue for any company comes from the existing customers, which is why all businesses should be focusing on customer retention. Although new customers are what helps a business grow, it still costs up to five times more to acquire a single new customer, compared to retaining one.

This is why fintech companies should be looking into educating and serving the customers that are already using the solution that the business provides. It’s important to continuously create content that’s going to help the existing users take advantage of all the services that the company provides and prioritize all of their concerns.

Fintech PR Agency

Oftentimes, fintech companies and their members are spread thin between working on the product, marketing the product, providing customer service, and adding PR on top of everything is not easy.

That’s why there are plenty of PR agencies that can work with fintech companies and make the entire job a lot easier, without overworking the people who are already at the company.

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