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As many media professionals know, New York Times recently unveiled the redesign to their website, click here to check it out.

What many outside the media industry don’t know is how important a decision this was for the “Grey Lady.” Whenever a website for a business, individual or news outlet changes, there is bound to be criticism and unhappy visitors. The strategy that goes into making these changes, especially for a website as large as the NYTimes, must be carefully coordinated and rolled out.

Major changes to your website must always advance the brand’s online presence and help solidify the brand’s internet identity.

With that in mind, 5WPR SVP Juda Engelmayer shares his thoughts on the marketing aspect of the new website, and why the NYTimes chose to go in this direction:

Here is a text transcription of the video:

Hi this is Juda Engelmayer senior vice president at 5W Public Relations here to talk to you about the new web format that the New York Times has rolled out today. Everybody knows that the New York Times is one of the most respected newspapers in the world, one of the most coveted for public relations clients as we know, and its often referred to as the Gray Lady, not because of the internet format but because of its print format. People always claim that print is dying and the New York Times is trying to revive that today. They took their web format and made it look like the format of the newspaper.

It’s actually a pretty decent idea. When people see the web format they can easily associate it with the paper and one looks like the other it kind of makes their brand a unified brand. Not a separate brand from what it used to be. I think it’s a terrific idea. It’s a way that the New York Times is staying relevant, keeping their print relevant and keeping their internet up with the times as well.

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