Wine PR: Create Buzz for your Vineyard and Wine Brand


Whenever a wine brand decides to introduce a brand new line of wines, it can mean a lot of new business for the winery. This is also a great opportunity to get new customers interested in the brand’s products or services and interact with the brand itself.

There are several ways that wine brands can create a lot of buzz around a new launch, whether it’s a new line of wines, a vineyard, or the brand in general. However, the best way to go about it is to take advantage of all the possible opportunities presented in such cases.


A great way for wine brands to build suspense around a new launch is to take the audience by surprise. Sharing only certain, mostly general details means that the current and potential new customers will be interested in the new launch a lot more because they’ll want to find out about its details.

There’s no need to create complicated storylines leading up to the launch that will get people excited. Still, when some things are revealed at a later date or during the launch itself, many people will be interested in keeping up with the promotional content to find out any possible information before the launch even happens.


Most of the time, countdown timers are used as a reminder for audiences to know when something is being launched and build excitement around that launch. However, countdown timers can also be used to get people more interested in what’s already available to them. Putting up a countdown on social media and on the brand’s website that’s easy to find and visible is key, but it shouldn’t be too prominent because it can easily backfire.


To help raise the stakes of a new launch, plenty of brands decide to limit the available stock of products – this not only means that the product will end up being sold because of the buzz around it, even when it’s not selling as well as expected, but it also means that plenty of people will be waiting in line to purchase in the first place, because of that buzz around the launch.


Audiences love getting things for free, which makes giveaways a great way for brands to create even more excitement to promote the launch. Giving away items that the audience might find useful or valuable also means that the brand can ask the participants to share the contest on their own social media profiles, essentially creating even more buzz through word of mouth marketing for the business itself and the new launch.


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