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In this week’s 5W Spotlight, we sat down with Nicholas Koulermos, Associate Vice President of Corporate, to discuss his journey into the PR industry. His advice for people looking to get into PR? “Live and breathe your clients…” Read the full interview below!

What inspired you to get into PR?

Joe Biden…sort of. His dedication and passion for public service inspired me to get into Public Affairs, which eventually led to my work in PR.

What was your first gig in PR?

I worked for the Mayor’s Office in Chicago in Public Affairs & Events, which had a PR component. My role was to oversee public sporting events like 5K’s across the city and get press to attend/cover – a super fun first job!

Looking back over your time in the PR industry, what are some lessons you have learned?

Learn how to manage client expectations. If you set reasonable expectations out of the gate, you’ll set your team up for success.

What campaign has made the biggest impact on your career?

My campaign with NS2 Serves, a non-profit that helps train and employ veterans in high tech IT careers. It’s a passion project I have the privilege of working on, and in 2019 we’re planning to take it to a whole new level, so stay tuned!

What is your best advice for young talents to be successful the PR industry?

Live and breathe your clients. Learn their business and what makes them money, and the media results will come.









Nicholas is Associate Vice President of 5W’s Corporate Practice

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