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meta 04.10.23

Marketing your business and making meaningful connections continues to prove more challenging with the continued introduction of new channels, technology, data, and competition. 5W is committed to helping businesses thrive and is happy to report its new status as a badged Meta Business Partner, an essential tool that helps the agency take clients to the next level.

What is a Meta Business Partner? 

Meta Business Partners are a game-changing network of Meta partners with the expertise to help businesses face the tasks of today and engineer a path to the future. Badged partners manage campaigns across Meta technologies, including Facebook and Instagram, while meeting the highest standards of performance and leveraging Meta expertise and exclusive tools to help social media advertisers generate the best results for their campaigns. To earn a Meta Business Partner badge, Meta evaluates agencies across a combination of criteria and ensures they can be deemed trusted experts. 

Benefits of Working With a Meta Partner

Meta Business Partners are recognized for their ability to help businesses grow, and working with a badged partner provides you with benefits not available to others. Meta partners have demonstrated an understanding and expertise in campaign management and more, and as an agency partner, 5W can help clients optimize media planning and buying to unlock the full potential across Meta technologies. Partners have 24/7 access to exclusive Meta support, advanced tools, early Alpha & Beta opportunities, advanced analytics tools, and more to help advertisers stay ahead of the competition in an unpredictable mediascape.

Meta Business Partners also receive 1:1 training in creative education, early access to product updates, and insights into Meta Business initiatives. Choosing a badged Meta Business Partner agency ensures you’re working with a credible and reliable agency that meets the highest standard of work in the digital world.

5W has a talented and dedicated Digital division, with years of experience establishing and growing social programming using strategic content and social campaigns to reinforce brand messaging while highlighting initiatives, services, products and events. In addition to being a bagged Meta Business Partner, 5W is a Google Partner Agency with a tremendous amount of expertise in search engine and social media marketing platforms. Contact us today to learn how we leverage these tools for our global clientele through strategic digital campaigns. 

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