5W’s Female Executive Team Share a Day in The Life with Their Daughters

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bringing kids to work 05.12.23

Bring Your Child to Work Day took on a different look at 5W this year as six of our female executives and their daughters were in office for an exciting day! The duos spent the morning commuting into our New York City office together, and their daughters had the opportunity to sit behind their mother’s desks, getting a firsthand look at a day in communications. Maybe this will be the start of a 5W career down the line for some of them!

In addition to joining their moms at work, the girls had the opportunity to attend Campaign US’s 2023 Inspiring Women Awards, during which 5W Co-CEO Dara A. Busch was honored in the Leading the Charge: PR Category. 5W was thrilled to be able to send the daughters as their mothers plus ones to the industry luncheon, introducing them to a room full of female leaders in our industry and showing  them that there is no limit to what women can do.

Before the girls left the office, they were in for a surprise as they had the chance to shop 5W’s beauty closet stocked with goodies from our clients, and had light makeup touchups by our in-office beauty experts. While they were in the makeup chair, we took the opportunity to ask them about their moms and get to know them better. 

Here’s what the next generation of female leaders had to say about coming to work with their moms! 

Q: In one sentence, can you describe what your mom does for work?

“Public relations. She talks to small companies to make them bigger.” – Bella

“She helps people.” – Mackenzie

Q: What is one question you have for your mom about her job?

“How does she help people” – Mackenzie

Q: Who is your role model / What famous female inspires you?

“SZA, because she’s from my middle school.” – Bella

“My mom” – Mackenzie

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

 “Work with makeup” – Isabella

  “Interior designer” – Eliza

  “Someone who does people’s makeup” – Mackenzie

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?

 “We like to watch movies on Friday Nights. We usually watch old ones.”  – Bella

  “We hang out and watch a movie or get something to eat.” – Sloan

   “We go shopping and go out to eat together.” – Eliza

   “I like to talk to her.” – Isabella

   “We go skiing together.” – Mackenzie

   “Going to the park!” – Sienna

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