6 Reasons Why Every Company Should Work With Influencers

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influencer marketing power 07.10.17

Genuine and authentic influencers are becoming one of the chief brand development tools a company can use. There are many reasons for that, let’s cover just six of them:

Create Content

Quality content is vital to marketing and branding, and having influencers such as bloggers creating content about your brand means you can share links to that content to your existing audience.

During April and May this year, 5W worked with IMUSA through an influencer campaign with one of the goals being the creation of unique and interesting content for their page. Many things were accomplished for them during that month, but specifically, there were 20 influencer-created content items that IMUSA shared or can share later on their social channels.

Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Using genuine and authentic influencers means that your product can piggyback on trust the influencer has built with their fan base. The greater the trust they’ve earned, the stronger their positive comments will resound.

During IMUSA’s campaign mentioned above, the influencers who shared information about IMUSA had a total combined following of 173,000. Even if only 10% of them viewed the articles and comments, that would still be over 17K people learning about IMUSA, either for the first time or having more information for future use.

Generate Sales

If the influencer likes and willingly endorses a brand, and their audience fits with your target market, there will be sales. But using more than one influencer for a campaign will improve your odds. Keeping in mind that even though followers may trust the endorsement and think it sounds like the most awesome product ever, they might not have funds in their budget or the need for your item just yet. So spread the influence as wide as possible and be realistic.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day 2017, 5WPR helped A Complete (skincare and supplement line) with an influencer campaign. Part of the goal was to bring mothers between the ages of 30-60 to their website as well as their email signup page. We used seven influencers in the campaign, and through their help, A Complete got 226 new Mailchimp email subscriptions and 173 Instagram referrals using unique landing pages.

Start Conversations

Influencers have been building their following over time, learning how to interact effectively and creating friendships and trust. Because they have that going for them already, they can present a brand, and people will share their great thoughts and products with others, they’ll also ask questions, make suggestions, tell what they use the product for, offer free testimonials, and may share ideas that can spark your next marketing campaign.

Through the A Complete Mother’s Day influencer campaign there were nearly 6K likes and comments from the influencer’s content. The comments can be especially helpful since many times comments made will show on their friends’ feeds.

Specific Brand Targeting

84% of B2B buyers say a referral started the purchasing process for them. Those referrals come from trusted sources … family, friends, and even people they’ve never met but are in contact with several times a week … possibly because they read something that person shares on social media and like their viewpoint.

So using an influencer who has followers that primarily fit the same description as those you believe will be the most likely to purchase your brand means that unlike a magazine, radio, or television ad, you target the group most likely to buy from you. So you don’t waste your resources on those who are not going to be customers.

Connection Building

For new and small businesses, influencers are still a very real option. But in such cases, consider cross-influencing. Find another new or small business who shares your target demographic. Now figure out something like a giveaway that you can run jointly.

An example of this on a larger company scale is something that we did in February with our client, T-Fal. They partnered with Krusteaz and promoted both the 12.5-inch non-stick fry pan with Krusteaz pancake mixes to celebrate National Pancake Day at the end of that month. Both companies put their products on sale at retailers such as Target and Amazon, increasing the good things influencers could report on both companies in a single post.

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