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podcast advertising 11.23.22

Creating content for podcasts takes time, but it is a worthy investment. Everybody has their own preference and when it comes to the content of podcasts it is no different. With the popularity of podcasts being on the rise, this is the best time to start a podcast. It is important to have a loyal fanbase who will tune in to it regularly and leave positive reviews. Given below are some marketing strategies for podcasts.

Use written content

Using written content is a great SEO practice for podcasts. If the episodes of a podcast have a written counterpart, it is easier to reach more people. Not having a written counterpart means missing out on potential listeners.The title and description of episodes can have keywords that the target audience might use while looking for podcasts.

Choose the right format

Some podcast formats may be popular but they may not be the right choice for a particular brand. A solo show may be perfect for brands that want to get deep into topics that their clients want to hear about. For instance, a publishing house can use a solo show to review a book. Co-hosted shows are great for two or more people who share the same interests. An interview format is effective when listeners want to listen to other people’s stories.

Give importance to length and frequency

The length and frequency of a podcast can have a major effect on its success. For instance, if a brand wants to create long form content, they have to be realistic with their timeline. Long form content does not mean better content. Anything between 15 to 30 minutes should be the right length for a podcast. With diminishing attention spans, a lengthy podcast may not be able to hold on to the attention of people. The younger audience prefers content which is brief. Irrespective of the length, the content should be dynamic.


Talking about other brands or people on a podcast can also help content creators to get a shoutout from them. Collaboration is a great way to reach new communities and potential listeners. Collaboration can be of various types, they can be a shout-out, a guest spot, or even guest content. While being a guest on a different podcast, one can get creative. If a shout-out has been given to another person during a podcast, emails can be sent to those people on their social media accounts telling them that they have been mentioned. Chances are that they might like being mentioned and they would share that episode with their listeners. Inviting guests can also add value for listeners. The content creator will have access to the audience of the guest. If a podcast is on a particular topic, a podcaster can look for a similar creator who is making podcasts in that niche. It is better to make a list of potential collaborators and then reach out to them with personalized messages.

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