Building Trust and Engagement Through Public Relations

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trust 11.15.21

Most consumers tend to make purchases from businesses they trust, like, and know. However, in today’s digitized world, when consumers have access to plenty of information online, it means that they’re able to do plenty of research beforehand until they finally make a decision on a purchase.

That’s why companies need to utilize their ability to tell their story to the public and build trust with the consumers by using the right PR agency and PR strategies.

One of the best ways for companies to build trust with consumers is by doing something of value for the consumers, and doing so in a consistent fashion. However, many businesses misunderstand what doing something of value really means.

That something should be worthwhile to the consumers, such as motivate, entertain, inspire, or even help them solve a problem.

The two top ways that companies can provide value for their consumers are by highlighting the benefits of the company’s solutions, and by overcoming any objections.

One great source of value for consumers that companies can utilize is their pain points and objections in life. Understanding what the target audience’s pain points are, and working to provide a solution to them, is the best way to build trust and engagement with that audience.

When a company pairs that value with consistency over a long period of time, it’s able to create strong relationships with the target audience, and the consumers will start to feel more familiar with the brand.

Sharing Content

One way to highlight a value and be consistent is to share content on the same platforms at around the same time . Sharing valuable pieces of content with the audience consistently and at a time when they expect to see the content, means a business will build a strong relationship with its consumers and manage their expectations. Companies aren’t able to achieve much if they only stick to sharing content consistently for a week or two. That has to be done over a long period of time so that consumers become familiar with the brand, its messages, and voice, and so they develop a sense of trust with it.

Re-sharing Content

If a business is just starting out and doesn’t have an editorial calendar or a lot of content for promotional purposes, it can always find a relevant piece of content created by someone else and share it along with the company’s takeaway or opinion. To make this strategy work, the business has to link their comment with the company’s own theme and relate it to their industry. Businesses shouldn’t be expecting consumers to make a logical leap and find the connection between a company’s comments and how it relates to anything it’s doing, which is why the company should be as clear as possible about that.


Finally, when consumers comment under a company’s posts, the business should make an effort to respond to those comments. This shows that the business cares about its consumers and is willing to have a conversation, which builds trust and familiarity with the target audience.

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