Competing with Big Healthcare Brands like Amazon Pharmacy

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The competition in healthcare is intense, especially for small healthcare brands. These brands face a challenge competing with Amazon Pharmacy and other big companies. However, there are a few strategies companies can use to be of greater value to consumers.

Personalized care

Smaller brands can emphasize personalized care to show their value and stand out against larger competitors – like Amazon Pharmacy. Individual attention, trust, and loyalty all showcase a personal touch unavailable from big firms. Such companies can use this point-of-difference to create customer trust.  

These small healthcare brands can also differentiate themselves by specializing in services or products that meet specific needs, like natural remedies and alternative medicine. By offering a unique value proposition, companies can attract customers looking for something different from larger competitors.


Technology can be of use to provide better services to customers, such as remote healthcare or telemedicine. This allows patients to access healthcare professionals from home. By tapping into technology and innovation, small healthcare brands can show their commitment to staying ahead of the industry and providing high quality care.


Small healthcare brands can attract customers who are focusing on finding the best deal with competitive pricing and discounts. Although bigger companies such as Amazon Pharmacy enjoy economies of scale, smaller companies can afford to offer better prices by reducing overheads. Providing excellent products and services at a competitive price also improves customer satisfaction.


Smaller brands can increase trust and credibility among consumers by associating themselves with respected industry professionals and influencers. By partnering with experts in the field, brands can promote their own products and build a loyal customer base. In this way, these smaller brands can gain recognition as legitimate players in the health industry.


Small healthcare brands can set themselves apart by emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility. Consumers want to buy from companies that support the environment and society, so small brands can capitalize on this. Natural remedies, for example, should use biodegradable packaging to reduce environmental impact. A share of the profits from sales can benefit health-related charities or those focused on sustainability. These initiatives will draw customers who engage in values-based consumerism. This can give small brands an edge over larger competitors that may not share the same priorities.

Customer service

Finally, a small company can differentiate itself by providing a high level of customer service and support. This may take the form of more personalized attention than larger companies like Amazon Pharmacy are able to provide. Outstanding service builds trust and loyalty, allowing these smaller brands to compete on an equal footing with larger ones.

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