Five Ways PR can Help your Cryptocurrency Shoot to the Moon

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cryptocurrency public relations 08.06.18

It’s safe to say that the cryptocurrency market is growing bigger every day. Blockchain-based startups and cryptocurrency creators are appearing all over the world, offering solutions to the world’s financial problems in the form of code and unique mining strategies. In fact, ICOs, or initial coin offerings funding for start-ups has officially exceeded traditional venture funding.

Companies in this field need even more help getting their voices heard. The good news is that effective public relations companies can help any  crypto companies make the most out of their marketing strategy.

They Develop a Reputation of Transparency

No matter what industry a company is in, credibility is a critical component in earning sales and customer loyalty. Today’s consumers want to know that they can trust the organization they’re working with – and this is particularly important for those located in the financial sector. The good news? Public Relations helps to create this appearance of transparency. They show consumers what makes a specific currency so valuable to their needs before asking for investment.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Don’t just announce the presence of a cryptocurrency on social media and hope for the best. Create a custom strategy based on that organization’s expectations and needs. In a world where cryptocurrencies keep growing, the businesses that want attention need to be willing to work for it.  The right campaigns mix influencer marketing, position papers – and of course, a great product.

Expert Insights

Start with extensive research into that company’s market – including the competitors that they’re working against. This expert research helps

establish a presence where their audience is – whether that’s YouTube, Twitter, or another location entirely.  Dont be behind the trends.

Establish Authority in the Field

In a world where almost, anyone can become a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, the organizations that get ahead will be the ones that show themselves as experts in their field. Today’s investors are looking to work with brands who understand the possibilities of the blockchain and the opportunities presented by crypto. Establish a thought leadership strategy that highlights their authority and turns them into a powerful resource online.

Maintain Constant Communication

Finally, in a space as fast-paced as the cryptocurrency market, consumers want to feel as though they’re always ahead of the curve. Public Relations programs agencies can implement a communication strategy to ensure that the community is always informed of what their client is doing next. This helps to create an air of transparency and reliability that investors appreciate.

5WPR is a leading cryptocurrency public relations firm.

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