Effective PR Strategies for Cybersecurity Companies

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cybersecurity pr 08.23.22

Threats these days are a lot more different compared to how they used to be in the past, and with different types of cyber threats,  innovative technology companies are also being developed in the cyber security industry that can help other businesses defend themselves from threats and attacks.

Companies always have to be prepared before they get into a crisis situation, whether that’s facing the consequences of a damaged reputation due to malfunctioning products, or because of cyber attacks.

Additionally, with the pandemic making everyone work from home, companies have faced an increased number of cyber attacks because the safety and security protocols have been significantly decreased.

Thought Leadership

This type of PR strategy doesn’t generate results in the span of one day, but with a steady stream of content on influential outlets, cyber security companies can generate a lot more attention and interest in their solutions from the target audience.

They can also position themselves as a go-to resource and industry expert, which means whenever a new potential customer is looking for any information that relates to what the business has covered, their first thought about a resource is going to be the company.

To do that companies need to create valuable and high-quality content around specific topics that relate to cyber security, or how others can protect themselves from those types of attacks, and then have that content published on relevant and influential outlets.

Valuable Content

Creating valuable content can really help companies stand out from the crowd. Companies in the cybersecurity industry should be creating content that fits in with their branding but also sets them apart from the rest of their market competitors.

There are plenty of different ways that companies can make their content stand out from the crowd, such as discussing industry best practices or focusing on creating content for very niche audiences.

Since most security companies already tend to be in a niche market, this can be relatively easy to do, because they can either choose to discuss how many companies are overlooking one of the simplest ways that they can better protect themselves from cyber security attacks, or create discussions with other professionals in their cyber security space to generate more attention from the public, as well as from media outlets.


Most news stories about cyber security attacks tend to break into the news cycle and generate a lot of media coverage very quickly, and when that happens, cyber security companies need to be quick to react and make a statement on that situation.

This is a very beneficial form of newsjacking that cyber security companies can take advantage off because they can utilize both thought leadership and create valuable content simply by offering their insights into what is happening with the cyber security attack, the reason why it’s happening, and even how it happened.

That means companies need to be constantly aware of any new hacks or breaches that are being reported about in the media so that they can reach out to those outlets with their expertise and get the company’s name in front of more people.

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