Future-Proofing Content Marketing Efforts

future proof marketing 02.24.22

AI writing tools can easily simulate human writing in a way that’s both a little scary and awe-inspiring. However, AI still has a long way to go before it’s fully able to replicate the thought patterns of humans.

This extra time gives companies room to prepare to future-proof their content marketing efforts. In the future, it’s going to be difficult to distinguish content that’s created by people from content that’s generated by artificial intelligence, especially in terms of writing quality and language usage.

Instead of worrying whether content marketing efforts are going to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, it’s better to prepare for a future that includes content generated by AI.

Using AI tools

Content creation tools that utilize artificial intelligence can provide plenty of benefits to businesses when those businesses understand how they can use AI tools to their advantage.

These types of tools range from those that create well optimized and functional content to tools that boost the content development process by completing various tasks inside of it, such as adding social media copy or meta-descriptions.

Content marketing strategies

Companies that are using content marketing strategies should know how to create, as well as promote their content. The latter is precisely the skill that’s going to put them ahead of any artificial intelligence tool that’s only creating content.

Promoting content requires an intimate understanding of the target audience, of how the content is able to address their challenges, and of the overall social conversation and mood of the audience.

Machine learning

Content-related artificial intelligence tools can help businesses generate great results, but they’re still not ready to operate on their own.

These tools require people to run the programs, and companies can increase their value by understanding how these tools work, the basics of natural language processing and machine learning, and what these tools can and can’t do.

This knowledge makes it a lot more likely for a company’s content marketing efforts to be improved by artificial intelligence tools, instead of being replaced by them.

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