Gen Z Trends: January + February 2023

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Often characterized by a dark/cynical sense of humor, total absurdity, and constantly evolving meme culture, Gen Z often sounds like they’re speaking their own language! Here’s what you need to know what know about the most trend obsessed generation in history:

Gen Z Slang

Gen Z has given words a whole new meaning! Here are TWO Gen Z words that made the Cambridge/Oxford Dictionary in 2022

  1. Sus – used as a synonym of suspicious or suspect, to give the impression that someone is acting questionable, shady, dishonest, or out of character (is not always negative) 
  2. Yeet – used to describe something being thrown very hard and fast. Also used as a noise/sound to display positive emotion/high energy/and agreeableness  

New Phrase Alert!!🚨

Passenger Princess 👑 – Someone that has no other job in the car but to look pretty in the passenger seat while their sneaky link/boyfriend/significant other drives (is on aux, typically has Starbucks in one hand and lip gloss in the other, feet are up on the dash and is probably the reason why they are going to be late to wherever it is they are going)

  1. Passenger Princess Mode Activated  
  2. Passenger Princess but a Carsick Girly

Trending Tiktok Sounds We’re Playing on Repeat 🔁

  1. “Well uh.. I’m not supposed to worry about stuff like that, I’m the talent!”  – some things are just not our problem and we’re using this sound to vent about it!
  2. “If you see us in the club, we’ll be acting real nice” – we’re really exposing ourselves with this sound bite
  3. Kill Bill Makeup Transition – showing off our bomb makeup looks with this sassy transition trend
  4. Dancing Dogs From Barbie these dogs are really living rent free in our heads
  5. Hot Girls Don’t Gatekeep!we don’t gatekeep over here! We’re using this trend to share all our favorite beauty & wellness tips & tricks

Social Media Influencers on the Rise📱

  1. Lauren Tiby – With over 644K followers on TikTok, Lauren is best known for her GRWM videos, fashion hauls and sassy lifestyle content. 
  2. Mackensie Mintz – With 100K followers on Instagram, Mackenzie’s beachy lifestyle content focuses on fashion, friends, and travel. 
  3. Darcy McQueeny – With 1.3M followers on TikTok, Darcy’s relatable college party-life content and Amazon focused hauls are constantly growing in viewership.

Celebrity Drama ⭐️

  1. Rihanna Pregnant with Baby #2 (#OBSESSED) – Fans were shocked and excited when Rihanna announced her second pregnancy during her explosive Super Bowl Halftime performance. At the start of the show, as Rihanna descended onto the field from a floating stage, she opened her red-hot tracksuit to reveal a seemingly growing baby bump, and promptly rubbed her stomach.
  2. Rihanna Using Her Makeup Line During the Halftime Show (#ICONIC) – Right in the middle of her halftime set, in which she performed mega-hits like “Diamonds” and “Umbrella,” the 34-year-old singer and entrepreneur took a quick break to dab her nose. And if you’re *dying* to know which product she used, of course it is of course from her very own makeup line, Fenty Beauty.
  3. MGK and Megan Fox Break Up Rumors(#YIKES) – Speculation that MGK and Megan Fox’s relationship was in a rock place when Megan was caught with her ring off, removed almost all her photos with Kelly and unfollowed him on the platform. She even responded to a fan comment alleging Kelly may have cheated on her with a woman named Sophie (some believe this to be guitarist Sophie Lloyd, who plays with Kelly’s band). Shortly after that, Fox disabled her Instagram.

Trending TV Shows, Movies, Music, Restaurants, Fashion Styles, Beauty Hacks & More 🤩

Beauty Hacks We Love:

  1. Underpainting Makeup Trend – we’re going for a more natural makeup look by painting on our blush, bronzer, and contour before layering on our foundation to soften the makeup underneath
  2. Minimal Makeup – less IS more here
  3. Cloud Skin – use powder products instead of cream to create a matte look 
  4. Almond-Shaped Nails – square & coffin shaped nails are out and almond shaped nails are in
  5. Pamela Anderson Bun – start by putting the hair in a ponytail, tying it in a knot, pinning it down to secure and then finish the look by curling two face-framing piece in the front

Fashion Styles We’re Repping:

  1. Super Mini Skirts – denim, satin, cargo, leather & more we’re strutting our stuff in these ultra mini skirts 
  2. Long Denim Skirts – winter, spring, summer & fall we’re going to be mixing n’ matching these denim skirts all year round


1. Palace  – The perfect place to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or any Friday/Saturday night!

Binge Worthy TV Shows

  1. YOU season 3 – The third season of the American psychological thriller television series You was features the continuation of Joe Goldberg’s fraught relationship with Love, who is pregnant with his child in a new suburban home.
  2. Love Island – In this sizzling summer series based on the international smash hit and cultural phenomenon, singles come together in a tropical location to look for love, with one couple winning a cash prize. The matchmaking begins as a group of single “Islanders” come together in a stunning villa in Las Vegas, ready to embark on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately, relationships. 
  3. The Bachelor – A drama-filled reality show where an eligible bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks in hopes of finding true love. This show is the “Superbowl” of reality dating shows to Gen Z!
  4. Ginny & Georgia – Teenage Ginny and her mom with many secrets and alarming past yearn to put down roots in a picturesque New England town after years on the run. A variety of mental health and sexual orientation topics are brought to the surface here and Gen Z appreciates the real-ness of the show. 
  5. White Lotus – A week in the life of vacationers is unraveled as they relax and rejuvenate in paradise. With each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees, and the idyllic locale itself. Jennifer Coolidge stars in this two-season show on HBO-Max and Gen Z is certainly here for anything Jennifer Coolidge is starring in these days as pop star, Ariana Grande, re-popularized Jennifer Coolidge with Gen Z during her infamous impression on The Tonight Show which has recently resurfaced 
  6. The Last of Us – Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across a post-outbreak America.
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