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Holiday Shopping Survey 09.29.20

5W Public Relations has released their 2020 Holiday Shopping Survey, which looks at consumer intentions as the holiday shopping season approaches. The findings from the survey will be especially useful to brands trying to tap into consumer thinking and spending after months of economic uncertainties due to the coronavirus.

The survey reveals that jobless claims aside, 53% of Americans still plan to spend the same amount of money on gifts as they did in 2019 and 18% of respondents claim that they plan to spend even more than they did last year.

When it comes to favorable shopping methods, adjusted store hours and closings, several major retailers have decided to keep their doors shut on Black Friday, lending to the idea that online will be the preferred method of shopping. However, an overwhelming 61% of people surveyed still plan to buy gifts both online and in store.

Surprisingly, only 18% plan to do all of their shopping online. Furthermore, 54% of Americans are going to be finding ideas for holiday gifts in store, meaning shopping in person is still going to be very much a part of this holiday season.

This is the second year that 5W has released Holiday Shopping Statistics. The findings from the report gives the 5W team unique consumer insights and are used to guide clients campaigns around the most important shopping season of the year.

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