How Beauty Tech is Shaping the Get Ready With Me TikTok Trends

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person getting ready by sink with many makeup and skincare products 07.07.23

The concept of beauty tech has been evolving over the years. It’s been driven by advancements in technology and the changing needs of consumers. While early iterations of beauty technology can be traced back to various painting and Photoshop apps on computers, the real breakthrough came with the introduction of AR and AI technologies. In recent times, major brands have begun heavily investing in the beauty tech space. This increased interest is primarily due to the development and advanced beauty technology solutions, and the advancements in smartphone technology. These technologies have enabled consumers to try on makeup shades virtually and receive personalized beauty recommendations in seconds.

Importance of Beauty Technology

AI and AR technologies have become vital components of a beauty brand’s digital transformation strategy. As more consumers shift towards online shopping and seek personalized experiences, virtual try-on, and personalized product recommendations help boost consumer confidence in making purchase decisions. These technologies also provide brands and retailers with opportunities to reimagine the consumer journey, ensuring a seamless digital shopping experience.

Shopping Experiences

In today’s beauty landscape, one size does not fit all. Consumers seek personalized recommendations and shopping experiences from brands when they shop for new beauty and makeup products. AI and AR technology offers the opportunity to cater to the specific beauty needs of individual customers. The deep learning algorithms driving these technologies enable brands to provide large-scale personalization to customers. With virtual try-on and AI-driven recommendations, customers can receive personalized product recommendations and try on products virtually.

Personalized Shopping

Studies have shown that consumers highly value personalized services and experiences. According to one study, nearly half of all consumers have selected, recommended, and even decided to pay more for a beauty brand that’s able to provide personalized services. Additionally, there is a growing frustration among consumers when their shopping experiences aren’t personalized. These findings indicate that personalization strategies and beauty tech tools are crucial for creating strong buying journeys and improved customer experiences.

Skincare and Beauty Tech

AI plays a pivotal role in customizing skincare routines. It starts by analyzing the skin condition and unique characteristics of the customer. With this data, AI algorithms can recommend products tailored to the individual’s needs. Additionally, AI technology can simulate the skin’s condition after they apply the recommended products, allowing customers to visualize the potential results before making a purchase.


One of the inherent qualities of AR technology is its ability to create an engaging and interactive experience. In the beauty and makeup industry, AR-powered virtual try-on experiences, and beauty tech captivate consumers and audiences in a similar manner. Users can explore numerous makeup shades digitally and visualize how they would look through a virtual try-on. This technology guarantees consumers a personalized shopping experience. It also adds an element of fun and entertainment.

Shopping with AR

Beauty tech and AR technologies have revolutionized the traditional beauty shopping experience. Users can digitally try on different makeup shades, virtually experimenting with new looks. This interactive process ensures a personalized and engaging shopping experience. Brands have implemented virtual try-on experiences, allowing users to explore various options and gain confidence in their choices.

Get Ready With Me TikTok trend

Most, if not all of these examples of the way that beauty tech trends have innovated the overall beauty space, can be seen in trending videos on TikTok. These videos have been popular across a variety of video-sharing platforms in the last decade, however, with the introduction of AI and AR technologies, they’ve become even more popular. These days, content creators on TikTok create “Get ready with me” TikTok videos while using beauty tech solutions available on the platform like filters. TikTok users can take advantage of the filters and get guidance on the types of products or product shades they should purchase, and even where to apply them specifically.

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