How to Get Creative With Your Toothpaste and Oral Care Campaigns

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dental hygiene campaigns 01.26.24

It’s time to get rid of the boring and old dental hygiene campaigns to insert a lot more flair into the visuals portraying toothpaste and other types of oral care. These days, consumers aren’t going to be paying attention to the latest promotional effort from an oral hygiene brand unless it’s able to grab their attention with innovative and creative ways.

Embracing the unexpected

First of all, brands will have to get rid of the repetitive idea that dentists want to see shiny teeth on their patients. They’ll have to focus on creating campaigns that really stick with consumers and make an impression. 

For example, brands can sponsor local music festivals, where performers can compete for the whitest smiles and the song that most sounds like it’s “minty fresh”. Another option would be to create edible toothpaste or edible toothpaste tablets in interesting flavors such as bubblegum or strawberry. 


Consumers these days crave narratives, so brands need to create a compelling tale around themselves and what they stand for. They can turn their toothpaste into a superhero fighting sugar monsters for example, or launch a mobile AR game where users battle bad breath with virtual floss. Storytelling is the best way to get consumers emotionally invested. 

Communications channels

While TV ads still have their place in this world, it’s time for brands to realize that most younger generations of consumers, like millennials or Gen Z, tend to spend a lot more time on their smartphones instead of in front of the TV. Brands can partner with popular influencers to host toothbrushing tutorials on TikTok, or, take it to the streets with branded “smile buses” offering free checkups and popping up at trendy events. 

Gamification and interaction

It’s time for brands to figure out a way they can inspire the addictive energy of some smartphone apps and create their own. They can get consumers to nurture virtual mouths, battle cavities and collect virtual floss picks for example. 

Brands can also partner with dentists to offer real-world rewards for in-app achievements, gamifying good oral hygiene. Or, they could even launch a social media contest where the winners score a tropical getaway or some other prizes.

Surprise and humor

Laughter is the best medicine for good reason. Brands can create witty social media campaigns and taglines filled with puns, or organize surprise flash mobs that erupt into synchronized flossing routines. Back in the day, everyone loved the Old Spice ads for a reason and that level of outlandish charm can work wonders for oral care too.

Personalization and customization

One-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Brands can let their consumers personalize their toothpaste. They can offer custom labels with names or funny slogans, or launch online quizzes that tailor-match users to the perfect product based on their unique needs. 


Consumers are eco-conscious, so brands should show them that they care. To do that, brands can develop biodegradable brushes, partner with recycling programs, or launch refillable toothpaste tubes. Green initiatives can earn a lot of points with the eco-conscious consumers of today.

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