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Craftsmen with weak magnets know that to remagnetize them, they need to connect them to a strong magnet. Marketers who flocked to content upgrades soon discovered that it turned off a lot of consumers because everyone was using it. The question they faced was similar – do we remagnetize and, if so, how?

Many marketers still rely on three major lead magnets. The first is an offer of a free eBook. Once valuable, they’re more like blogs today and have fallen largely out of favor.

The second is PDF checklists like printable checklists. Many are disappointing and not as helpful as promoted. A common criticism is they overpromise and under deliver.

And the third is courses via email or video. Many are effective but require much prep time by marketers as well as a commitment by consumers.

Lead Magnets to Attract Customers

Lead magnets are still a good source for attracting new customers, but marketers’ biggest challenge is standing out from the competition. Getting noticed above the others is important, as is producing lead magnets that help a brand sustain consumer interest.

Like every definition of the word, “evergreen” is perennial, retains its freshness, and is continually relevant. Evergreen lead magnets can accomplish the same with content upgrades that present and deliver immediate value to consumers, offer repeated usage, and are updated regularly to ensure that consumers receive the most current information available.

Demonstrate the difference. Ineffective lead magnets repeat what consumers have already read in a blog and present little if any new information of value. Some require many more hours for harvesting information of value.

An effective evergreen lead magnet offers immediate value to consumers. So when a consumer opts in on a fitness site to find out how many calories were burned shoveling snow for the past hour, he/she not only receives an immediate answer but also sees the number of remaining calories that need to be burned by the end of the day to meet the daily minimum.

All marketers know that the more consumers interact with the brand, the more likely they’ll become customers. And they’re also more likely to become repeat customers the more they buy from the same brand. A study by RJMetrics reported that customers invited to make a third purchase are 53% more likely to buy than those who make only two purchases.

This is where an evergreen lead magnet’s value, whether it’s a swipe file, template, etc., can keep the customer engaged and returning time and time again. A brand selling athletic shoes, for example, might offer a free guide on how to run 10K in 30 days.

Stay evergreen by reviewing and updating old content. In most cases, it’ll be relevant again and may be reused and recirculated, giving it yet another life. Don’t keep it secret. Let everyone know about its freshness.

Creating evergreen lead magnets will require some work and thought. Define the brand’s audience and what they want, then give them what they want. If things or conditions change, update that information and let them know.

Track and measure success with an eye toward adjusting and change to deliver even better results. The number of content assets will grow as the brand does, so be sure to regularly update the best lead magnets.

Finally, consider repurposing some evergreen lead magnets in social media ads like on Facebook. The right ones in push ads could attract new customers.

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