Essential Elements for Success With Local Marketing

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Essential Elements for Success With Local Marketing 09.14.20

There are plenty of things that go into successful local marketing campaigns, but we managed to boil them down to the few most important ones that businesses should be focusing on. Between research and insights from industry experts, up-to-date and accurate business location data is one of the key elements for a local marketing campaign.

This means that businesses first have to assess the details of all local data points, including the name of the business, the address, the business hours, and the contact information. This element is then followed by effective landing pages and search optimization, keeping track of ratings and online reviews, and finally, paid search and social advertisements.

Listing Management

One of the essentials to a successful local marketing campaign is having accurate listings and clear data, including name, address, phone number, photos, and business hours. Because every mention of the business anywhere online is known as a ‘citation’ and can include any part of this information, which means making sure that all of it is up-to-date and accurate is crucial to the public being able to find the local business.

Local SEO

SEO itself is a practice that has new rules and regulations with each passing day it seems; however, local SEO is different from general SEO and has its own rules and best practices. In fact, local SEO And listing management are closely connected, because when the listings are complete and accurate, they improve the rankings in search engines.

The local pages have to be found on their own, and through the national brand website, which means that the business has to localize the way that the website is coded.

Landing Pages

Mobile-friendly landing pages are another essential when it comes to successful local marketing campaigns. The customers that are looking for the business locally are often on the go, which means having a local landing page, which is also optimized across multiple devices, can easily turn into the hub for all the local marketing efforts.

These landing pages should be comprehensive and simple while also featuring all of the business’s essential information.

Reputation Management

The existing user-generated ratings and reviews mostly influence potential buyers, and up to 76% of them trust online reviews as much as they make recommendations from friends and family. Additionally, the potential consumer tends to read an average of about ten reviews before deciding to trust the business.

The best way to get a higher number of positive reviews is to ask the customers to write them and make it easier for them by offering one-click access to writing that review.

Paid media, which includes search, social and display, are the core components of any digital marketing campaign, and these days, businesses can even geographically target their native social advertising strategies across social media platforms.

With consumers coming to expect personally relevant results, localizing the paid search and social efforts is now essential for any business. It has become a way for the company to connect with its mobile consumers.

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