Beyond “Metro” why male beauty PR must change its message

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Male Fashion PR 28.04.13

While it may be tempting to focus any conversation about beauty PR on superficial concerns, smart beauty PR goes much deeper. Society and culture are constantly changing. As culture continues to wonder what it means to be masculine, beauty PR must continue to evolve.  How can beauty PR keep pace with culture while also working to position the client as a trendsetter? 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian, reveals five important answers to that question.

Male Beauty Public Relations

Beauty PR must reflect the market

It is vital to communicate an understanding that the stereotype is not the reality. Guys do not fall into two categories – “metro male” and “caveman.” Beauty PR sells an image, something for that guy to aspire to. But there is no need to label a prospect before attempting to connect with him. Depending on his job, background, culture, peer group or chosen hobbies, a man will fall anywhere along a spectrum between those extremes. But he will rarely be exclusively one or the other.

Beauty PR must define the market

Steve Jobs said, “marketing is all about values.” Your beauty PR efforts must reflect this. A man’s fashion choices communicate a great deal about what he values. To fully connect with a potential client or customer, a beauty PR message must express shared values. A brand’s ideal customer may care about his appearance but have other concerns that are higher priorities. A marketing message that celebrates these concerns and affirms these values will have a greater impact than a message that ignores them.

Beauty PR must encourage participation

Beauty PR should focus on a specific market. But the message must be crafted to attract participation and grow the market base. That means communicating a specific message in a way that has more general appeal. Public relations firms must thoroughly understand both markets to achieve optimal success.

Beauty PR must reflect the culture

Cultural trends are always changing. Understanding how and why men make choices – from appropriate wardrobe to lifelong vocation – is vital to crafting a successful beauty PR campaign.

Beauty PR must drive the culture

No matter what the current “it” trend happens to be, mass media is always in a position to push that trend forward or completely out of the way. When attempting to set trends or redefine what beauty means for a man, public relations messages must continue to reflect the values inherent in its target market. In doing so, beauty PR can encourage men to explore and experiment with new looks or definitions of appropriateness or attractiveness without asking them to sacrifice what they believe in.


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