Marketing a Brand to Both Businesses and Consumers

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b2b b2c marketing 22.04.19

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to marketing and two corresponding different approaches. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing are the two most prominent types of marketing relationships. While they share some similarities they require a fresh approach to each side in order to be effective.

Not every business requires both approaches. Depending on a brand’s goals and target demographic, one of these groups of consumers may not apply. For example, a business offering graphic design solutions to marketing agencies would focus primarily on B2B marketing. Conversely, a freelance graphic designer may focus on B2C at first, and perhaps utilizing some B2B efforts later.

Let’s break down ways to optimize consumer communications for both marketing approaches.

Business to Business Marketing Best Practices

Marketing to other businesses presents a unique set of challenges. Businesses can often be difficult to reach through traditional channels, so how does a brand go about setting up an effective B2B marketing campaign?

Relationship-building is the key to B2B marketing success. Many businesses outsource work or find partners to collaborate with through word-of-mouth or referrals to someone who may be able to assist. Let’s say there is a business that offers marketing automation and agency work to small businesses. How can a rep from this agency best build a relationship with small businesses in the community?

A big selling point is to solve a problem for a consumer — this applies to both businesses and consumers. Small businesses may struggle with learning how to run Google Ads or Facebook Ad Manager. By offering a solution to this problem, an agency may be able to gain a new customer. But this process starts by building a relationship of trust, which involves networking and following through on promises.

Networking is another great way to make new connections. A marketing agency can have a presence at trade fairs, conventions, or anywhere else where their target demographic (business owners) may congregate. Traditional advertising is still helpful for B2B marketing, but many times a brand needs to get a bit more personal in order to get through to a new client.

Business to Consumer Marketing Tips

Marketing to consumers has such a wide array of options, it can often be overwhelming. But it’s simply about learning what the target demographic wants and how to best make them aware that a business can provide the right solution.

Traditional advertising plays a large role in B2C marketing, but what are some other ways to really reach these consumers in a genuine way?

A big way to reach a larger group of people and engage with them is to incentivize them. Offer a discount, a free item or service, or some other sort of “award” for interacting with the brand. This can be done through social media, email, or even in person at a store or kiosk. Find ways to connect with people, to get them to spend time on your website or in your store. This is half the battle — consumers’ attention is a hot commodity, so earning valuable minutes of their time is vital to success.

Marketing has multiple levels and each one requires a different mindset and approach. By being flexible, always being open to learning new techniques, and thinking creatively, both B2B and B2C marketing can be optimized for the best overall results.

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