Gain a PR Boost by ‘Humanizing’ a Brand

pr boost 01.11.19

Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking connections. Connections with one another, connections with brands, connections with strangers on the internet. Gone are the days where businesses can run rampant with little consumer recourse. Now, accountability is front and center, which has necessitated a shift in public relations practice.

Many brands go through the struggle of finding the right “human touch” for their channels. This can be a challenge, particularly for brands that market to other businesses or that have less trendy offerings such as software or services. In order to make the right connections, therefore, it’s important to find ways to add a more human touch to a brand’s communications.

How can this be done? Social media is one way to leverage a company’s community and human connection with its consumer audience. Instead of only blasting out content promoting products, services, or accomplishments, find ways to bring more color and flavor to the platform.

For example, a corporate company may have trouble connecting with those outside of the company itself. Sharing stories from employees, community outreach efforts, and company events can do a lot of public relations good for a business such as this. Instead of presenting an austere and businesslike front online at all times, sometimes showing some personality and authenticity can make a big difference when it comes to connecting with consumers.

Another way brands can do a better job of making genuine connections through public relations is to participate in causes that align with the core values or mission of the business. Getting involved in the community is an easy way to show a business cares about others, and generating goodwill is easy PR for any business.

Of course, it’s equally important to ensure that any initiatives that a business involves itself with are coming from a genuine place. Yes, every action usually has some sort of motivation, but a business that only puts on a face for the sake of goodwill will usually find themselves called out for such actions eventually. Consumers are savvy, and they want to see genuine good being done by companies, especially the larger ones.

Gaining a PR boost by humanizing a brand is an ongoing effort. It shouldn’t be something that a brand only does to get a quick boost — longer term benefits will come from initiatives that are fixtures of a brand’s vision and strategy, not just flashes in the pan.

Connecting with consumers is challenging and requires a lot of work, but it’s a worthwhile venture for businesses who are seeking a PR boost and a better brand reputation all in all.

Public relations isn’t just about brand reputation, it’s also about establishing genuine connections with consumers that help bring the brand’s profile up. Finding ways to connect with consumers in a more authentic way that will do a lot to raise a company’s profile. Making sure that these types of initiatives stay a permanent part of the business strategy will do a lot of good for both the company as well as the consumers it serves.

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