Proxy Communications PR Strategy: 5 Ways to Inform Shareholders

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Investor Relations PR: 5W Investor Public Relaitons 19.10.15

Investor relations is a growing specialization of PR firms, and it’s not just about notifying shareholders when a vote is being called and making proxy forms available. Some of the ways to assist clients and their shareholders include the following:

Know what is happening with the company and any moves in opposition to your client…

Set up Google and Yahoo alerts for the company name, the leaders names, any products of the company, and any other pertinent factor you know to follow. If a proxy challenge is in the pipeline, have a system in place to learn about it quickly.

Social media and websites…

Establish blogs or articles for the company website keeping investors and stakeholders informed of what is happening in the company – successes, awards, new plans, and other information, so they receive updates around the time it happens rather than waiting for a quarterly or annual report. In the internet age, they will find out without your help, so being a source of information keeps you in their loop and relevant.

When proxy season approaches, consider a micro website to link investors to FAQs, company recommendations for voting, the rationale for those recommendations, and a place to vote easily.

Give them graphics…

Institutional investors want to see the information quickly, individual investors may not be as sophisticated when reading reports filled with a lot of legalese and boilerplate – all necessary, but very dry. So make it easier on them all by inserting graphics showing what you are explaining at length. Give them the information they need to make decisions without making them spend mind-numbing hours trudging through financial reports.

Produce media rich digital content…

When there is a conflict happening in the company, create SEO and media rich content for those blogs and articles mentioned in item 2 above. Post links often on social media accounts to SEO content. Build your case consistently. This is not a one article does it situation. Instead, plan on posting something to help investors understand at least once or twice a week.

Don’t forget the power of emails…

Send information to investors and stakeholders via email as needed. Remember to keep it brief and to the point. Don’t ramble on, don’t point fingers and blame others. Give good information, tell the positives from your viewpoint, and clarify any issues muddied by an opposing factor. But keep it positive. The next proxy battle may have you siding with your current opponents and keeping it clean ensures no hurt feelings or negative undercurrents – at least not from anything you’ve done.

As you do these things, also show the passion for the company flowing through leadership. Make points compelling and vibrant. Win any battles with life and energy.


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